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Bergey's Chevrolet
We are a family and team oriented company rooted in and guided by Christian values, dedicated to quality, integrity, and productivity with respect and responsibility towards our employees, customers, society and the environment. We aspire to market leadership through the profitable marketing and distribution of the highest quality automotive products and services through a continuing commitment to employee excellence in both their personal and professional lives.
Modell's Sporting Goods
Modell's is proud to be in your community. Throughout our history dating back to 1889, Modell's has been focused on programs that support families, youth, education, and physical activity. We view each customer as our neighbor and strive to: Improve the quality of life for our communities Make sports accessible to everyone Get kids more physically active Have real, positive, and measurable impact Modell's has made charitable giving a top priority. Through our Team Weeks and Store Marketing Gift Card programs, Modell's provides non-profit groups with direct support as well as unique fundraising opportunities. The Store Marketing Gift Card program empowers our local stores to distribute gift cards to local non-profit organizations, schools, recreation centers, sports teams and leagues so that community members may purchase needed sports equipment, apparel and athletic footwear.