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4LIFE SUPPLY & CLOTHING™ established in 2014 as a concept, idea and philosophy for one to live his/her life. Which then became a concept that launched its way unto the clothing apparel platform with unique ideas and designs to express and capture LIFE in its most creative form through fashion and design. Breaking down the meaning of the Brand, positive movement and lifestyle of 4LIFE SUPPLY & CLOTHING™. 2LIVE™ + 2EXIST™= The symbolic meaning of the number 2 is balance, equalization, harmony and duality. LIVING AND EXISTING ARE 2 SEPARATE ENTITIES THAT MUST UNITE TO COMPLETE THE FOUNDATION OF LIFE. 4: Derives its meaning from creation.4 is the number of foundation, stability, solidarity and universal. 4 invokes the grounded nature of ALL THINGS. Consider the 4 seasons, 4 directions and 4 elements. Thus far when the math is done..... 2LIVE™+2EXIST™=4LIFE™ (4LIVINGINFULLEXISTENCE) 4Life Supply & Clothing™ P.O. Box 60941 Rochester NY, 14606