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Players live clean and play hard. Players play for the love of the game, winning without boasting, losing without excuse, but never quitting. Players respect officials and accept their decisions and never forget that when people judge a player's actions they judge not only the player,
but the team, the league, the community the player represents.
Coaches inspire in the players a love for the game and a desire to win, teaching that it is better to lose fairly than to win unfairly. Coaches teach players and spectators to respect officials by setting a good example. Coaches are the type of people they want the players to be.
Officials know the rules, are fair and firm in all decisions and call them as they see them. Officials treat players and managers and coaches courteously and demand the same treatment for themselves. Officials know the game is for the players and let the players have the spotlight.
Spectators never boo officials or players or coaches. Spectators appreciate a good play, no matter who makes it. Spectators know that their community gets the blame, or the praise, for their conduct, and recognize the need for more sportsmen and fewer sports.
Athletics are supposed to build character but, remember that "character" is not just being good. It is trying to be better.
…Recognizes the purpose of sports as a challenge to develop ones individual skills and the need to blend individual performance with team goals.
…Is the willingness to accept the discipline and dedication sports demands for development of individual and team skills.
…Recognizes the purpose of competition as means of measuring one’s performance level against that of another
… Recognizes that while victory is the goal of competition, the competition is more important than the final score.
… Recognizes that intense, dedicated competition in sports should enhance recognition of an opponent’s, skill and ability. And serve as a bond for developing lasting friendships.
…Is the willingness to play the game within the rules, and to appreciate the effort of opponents, officials, coaches and administration who make the game possible.
…Is the willingness to share knowledge, experience, and advice that will help others improve their performance levels.
… Recognizes that on any given day, even though an individual puts forth his or her best effort, an opponent may win as the result of superior performance, or that victory may hinge on “luck” or the „breaks” of the game.
…Is the ability to learn from defeat, to analyze today’s performance in order to improve future performance, rather then to construct alibis to explain defeat.
…Is the realization that much of the talent for which the individual takes credit is God-given, and carries with it the responsibility to use that talent for good examples, in sports and life.
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Read and scroll down to accept the following agreement:
The Board of Directors of South Orlando Babe Ruth Baseball and Softball would like to welcome all players, parents and friends. We are looking forward to a great season filled with excitement and good, clean fun for everyone. The following are certain conduct rules that will be strictly enforced. Carefully read these rules. Your cooperation in following all of these Rules of Conduct is appreciated.
Coaches, managers, players, parents, or spectators will use no foul or abusive language. Anyone not following this rule will be asked to leave the fields.
Good sportsmanship will be demonstrated at all times. Our objective is to build character as well as instruct the game of baseball.
No Smoking or Chewing tobacco will be permitted on practice or game fields.
No Alcoholic beverages are permitted on any school property including practice or game fields.
The umpire will control the game at all times.
Each team is responsible for cleaning their dugout and spectator area for practices and games.
If a player misses practice, the coach does NOT have to play him/her in the game.
Coaches are held responsible for insuring good sportsmanship from the spectators of their team. Spectators violating these rules may be expelled for the premises.
Children, including the players, attending practices are not permitted to interfere with school or Extended Day Programs activities.
Children must NOT be left on the grounds unsupervised before or after practices; it is the responsibility of the parents to get their children to and from practice.
The following is not permitted at any practice or game fields/areas: NO SMOKING, NO PETS, NO BIKES, NO SKATEBOARDS, NO SCOOTERS, AND NO WALL BALL.
All of the school rules and regulations at practice facilities and on game days shall be followed including speed limits and entrance and exit signs.
Violation of any of these rules may result in expulsion of the offender. Any coach expelled from two games shall be put on suspension and appear before the Board Of Directors. More serious offenders may be immediately expelled from the League.
Any question, disagreements, or disputes between coaches, spectators, and umpires should be brought to the attention of the Division Director or a South Orlando Babe Ruth Board Member. A red shirt or South Orlando Babe Ruth hat can identify the Board Members.
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Legal Authorization/Consent for all the below items:
I/We the parent(s) of the above named player hereby give approval for the same to participate in any and all league activities and understand photographs may be taken of my child by parents or the league for marketing use. I/We agree to hold harmless the SAY Baseball of Central Florida Inc. (South Orlando Babe Ruth Baseball & Softball) and its representatives for any claim of injury except to the extent covered by the accident and liability insurance. I/We agree to have immediate medical attention given to the above named in the event of injury. I/We hereby grant my permission to managing personnel or other league representatives to authorize and obtain medical care, at my expense, from any licensed physician, hospital, or medical clinic should the player become ill or injured while participating in league activities away from home, or where neither parent nor legal guardian is available to grant authorization for emergency treatment. I/We assume all risks and hazards incidental to my child’s participation, including transportation to and from activities: and so hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless the local league organization, SAY, the organizer, sponsors, supervisors, participants and persons transporting the player to and from activities, for any and all claims arising out of an injury to the player.
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