2019 Breakfast with Santa! 

Breakfast with Santa Online Registration.

Registration price per person is $12 ($24 down payment for you and one other person is due upon team registration). 

Registrations AFTER 11/22/19 will be charged $15 per person. 

We unfortunately need to do this in order to have enough goodie bags for all the children!

ACTIVE DUTY military in uniform or fatigues will NOT be charged. 

One adult with a valid email address MUST begin the team registration using a team name;

"Team Jones", "Smith Family", "Johnson Gang", "Williams Elves", "Brown Helpers", etc.

The same adult will become the "team registrar" (select the last drop down item after the "Team Name" has been selected). 

Additional adults and children can be added once the "team registrar" has been registered at any time up to and including 12/7/19.

You can drop off a check for the balance of your team at the rectory (leave it in the mail slot) or drop it off at the gym.

You can send your payment electronically via PayPal to stpsports@gmail.com. This is not automated any longer. You do NOT need a PayPal account to pay your fees, but you do need a valid email address (the email you are using now is perfect!). Post in your PayPal comments that you are paying your team's registration fee for "Breakfast with Santa".

Please send any questions in an email to STPATSWYD@GMAIL.COM and someone will respond as quickly as possible. 

Thank you for your support!


Opened: 10/15/2019 Closes: 12/10/2019

25 open positions.