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All teams must be affiliated with their appropriate governing Soccer Associations. U-9 through U-10 teams are allowed a maximum of 15 players (and 2 guest players are allowed). U9 & U10 Games will be played using the Build Out Line rules which are outlined within the CJSA rules.   

U-11 through U-12 teams are allowed a maximum of 16 players. U-13 through U-14/15 teams are allowed a maximum of 20 players. Teams may have up to two (2) guest players per team which do not have to be registered players with the CJSA. A player may be rostered to play on one team only during the duration of this tournament. Medical Release Forms and USYSA / US Club Soccer player passes for each participating player are required. Certified rosters are required, and teams from outside Region 1(except New Jersey) shall be required to follow US Youth procedures and furnish an approved "Permission to Travel" form. Player passes will be checked at registration and also held on the playing site by the Field Manager for the duration of each game. Rosters will be stamped and verified at registration as well. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to check player passes at any time during the tournament. Each team is required to have the roster copy that is signed and verified by the tournament organizers at all matches.