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All players are also required to register with USA Hockey, Once registered with USA Hockey, enter the registration number into your SYH Player/ Coach Registration. This will allow SYH to create the rosters for the upcoming season.. 

2021 Thanksgiving Eve Charity Skate

all proceeds to the First Church Stoneham Food Pantry.


2021 Registration Learn to Skate / Learn to Play Session 2

Learn to Skate and Play with Tim Driscoll

(Driscoll Skating and Skills)


Tim Driscoll is the founder of Driscoll Skating and Skills.   Tim has been teaching hockey players to skate for decades.  He is a four-year NCAA hockey player (Princeton) and played professional hockey with the Boston Bruins minor league affiliate the Maine Mariners (AHL).

Tim and his team will teach a progression of skating basics designed to make kids comfortable on the ice so they can learn to move freely and confidently on their skating edges.  The foundation of any hockey player’s skill set is their ability to skate.  Only then can we introduce other hockey skills along the way to develop young hockey players.  The Learn to Skate & Play program will be a station-based program (small groups) and will feature drills that help our players with skating and puck handling, all while having fun as they are introduced to the game of hockey.  

Volunteers Needed:  Our program is run entirely by volunteers.  While we will have a Professional instructor on the ice for each hour, to plan, organize, and supervise the on-ice activity, we need parents / guardians / volunteers to help on the ice as well.  Kids need to be guided into groups and constantly re-directed to maintain focus.  This is also a great opportunity for new Coaches to learn some fantastic coaching skills from an experience and knowledgeable crew.  If you are interested in helping on the ice, please Register as a Coach on the SYH website and in the comments field of your registration indicate Learn to Skate and Play.



  • Boys and Girls ages 4-9
  • Limited to 50 skaters per hour
  • Preference is given to Stoneham residents when capacity is reached


  • $150 per session (two 12-week sessions)

Time and Location:

  • Learn to Skate and Play is held at Stoneham Arena on Saturday afternoons at 2pm 


  • Participants will be assigned a one-hour block based on age and skill.  
  • Each group will be broken into smaller cohorts of similar skill and ability to get the most out of their time on ice.
  • The Learn to Skate and Play Director (Tim Driscoll) will move kids from group to group as they progress through the program and new skills emerge to continuously challenge each participant to reach their full potential.
  • Coaches will teach a pre-set curriculum designed by Tim using techniques and that were developed over decades of skating and skills instruction.


  • The Learn to Skate and Play timeline :
    • Session II:  12-weeks beginning in early January.
  • For the 2021-2022 Season
    • Session II (12-weeks long) begins 1/1/2022

2021 Registration Instructional Cross Ice Mites

Instructional Cross-Ice Mites


  • Boys and Girls ages 5-8.
  • Advanced skaters aged 4 (by recommendation of I-Mite Director and with Board approval).
  • New skaters aged 9 (by recommendation of I-Mite Director and with Board approval).


  • $875 per player


  • Instructional Cross Ice Mites (I-Mites) participate in a season that spans 27 weeks through the fall, winter, and early spring.  I-Mites will be on the ice for 50 hours throughout the season.  Practices and evaluations are held on Saturdays at Stoneham Arena at 4pm.  Games are played on Sunday mornings between 630am and 800am at two locations (Stoneham Arena and Hockeytown USA in Saugus).  The schedule will be distributed 12 games at a time.  The break week will be used to add more teams to the league if there is interest from other towns or from within the SYH community.
  • Practices will follow the USA Hockey guidelines for small area games and reduced ice surface practices and games.  The focus of I-Mites should be emerging skating and skill development with an emphasis on fun over winning.
  • Games are played 4 vs 4 plus a goalie with a reduced size net.  The game is a running time clock using a “buzzer” format where play is briefly stopped every 2-minutes to change groups of kids on the ice.  Scores and standings are not kept.  A “referee” is used to keep the game flowing and the action constant – retrieving pucks from the nets, and re-positioning the nets when they become dislodged.  Referees are not on the ice to officiate games – no penalties are called.  Coaches are responsible for ensuring safe play and good sportsmanship.


  • The I-Mite season timeline is as follows:
    • Registration opens in Mid-August.
    • 2-weeks of evaluations beginning in Mid-September.
    • 12-weeks of one practice and one game per week beginning in early October.
    • 1-week break at Christmas time.
    • 12-weeks of one practice and one game per week beginning in early January.
  • For the 2021-2022 Season
    • Evaluations will be held Saturday 9/18/21 and Saturday 9/25/21 at 4pm
    • Games begin on Sunday 10/3/21.

Opened: 08/13/2021

2021 Registration Alternate Player

Alternate Player Registration


  • Boys - Squirts, Pee Wee, Bantam
  • Girls - U10, U12, U14
  • Open to Stoneham and North Reading residents.
  • Wakefield girls are eligible for girls-teams (grandfathered from prior co-op relationship)


  • Alternate cost is 50% of the full-time player tuition plus $130.  Alternates do not count as an additional family member in the “multi-family member discount” calculation.  Two game jerseys and a pair of socks are included in the cost to participate.
    • Squirt, Pee Wee, Bantam Alternates = $1,075 per season
    • U10, U12, U14 Girls Alternates = $900 per season


  • Alternate players are welcome to all practices and skills sessions for the teams they are assigned. Teams are scheduled for 65-70 practices/skills hours per season.  Alternate players are invited by Coaches to play in games “as needed” - there is no guarantee that Alternate players will be able to play in any games.  Historically all teams have been able to use Alternates in many games during the season, however it depends on roster size and the number of Alternates registered per team.  Teams are scheduled for 27-35 games per season (depending upon which league they play in).  If invited, Alternate players are allowed to participate in playoff games but only if they meet the eligibility criteria of the league they play in.  All leagues have a minimum game requirement to be eligible for playoffs.  If invited, Alternate players may participate in District Playdown games and State Tournament games, but only if they meet the MassHockey criteria to participate those events.

Opened: 08/13/2021

2021 Registration U18 Girls

Teams will be playing in the Middlesex Yankee Conference League .

Tryouts - See Website for all Tryout Rules.

Non- Refundable Registration Fee $275.00

Total Cost $ 850.00


Opened: 03/06/2021

2021 Coach Registration



You are required to fill out a cori form

Register with USA Hockey

Attend a USA Coaching Class and USA Online course.

Opened: 02/28/2021