Pinnacle high school boys lacrosse competes in the Arizona Lacrosse League, drawing from 9th-12th grade student athletes in Paradise Valley Unified School District (PVUSD).




If you have already registered in the Pinnacle system, please proceed to review and confirm your information and pay your fees by credit card.

If you have not registered for a Pinnacle program before on this website, please keep in mind a few things:

  1. You will complete at least two profiles for each registration: one for each parent or guardian that wants to receive club communications, and one for each player. Complete PARENT profile first.

  2. For each player's profile, use the player's date of birth and contact information. For each parent or guardian, use the parent or guardian's date of birth and contact information. 

  3. You will only have to complete this information once, and it will be retained for future Pinnacle club registrations. 

  4. Each player requires a U.S. Lacrosse membership that extends through the last day of each program or season. This registration system links directly to USL databases to allow you to check your membership status and renew if necessary.