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2020 Spring Season Registration

Welcome to the Patriot Baseball League

2020 Spring Season

Please read the following information thoroughly


Patriot League Junior Baseball is open to players league ages 13 to 14 based on the 2020 Little League date ranges as follows:

14 year olds: players born between September 2005-August 2006

13 year olds: players born between September 2006- August 2007

Players residing or attending school within the boundaries of San Carlos, Lake Murray, Mission Trails, Allied Gardens, La Mesa National or Rolando Little League (see maps) are eligible to register. If a player resided or attended school in one of these boundaries last season and is no longer eligible, please contact Nikki Meek, Player Agent, for a waiver.

Q: What if I'm eligible for different home leagues based on school attendance and residency?

A: The proof(s) you provide (see below) will determine your home league for All-Stars. For instance, if you normally attend "League A" based on residence, but provide a school proof which is within the boundaries for "League B" during registration, your player will be playing for "League B" during All-Stars. You CANNOT change this at a later date, so be sure to register with the appropriate proof(s)!

Q: Why does my home league matter…isn't everyone in the Patriot League?

A: For All-Stars players are placed on ballots based on their home leagues, meaning the Little League within the boundaries of where they live or attend school. The Patriot League is the parent league; however, the league does have two charters per Little League International. Those two charters are each comprised of players from two different Little League communities, and they cannot be changed. Therefore, during All-Stars, the players are divided by the charters as follows:

  • Patriot American League CharterAllied Gardens and Mission Trails home leagues
  • Patriot National League CharterLake Murray and San Carlos home leagues

Since players from the home leagues of La Mesa National and Rolando do not belong to either of the Patriot League Charters (and play with the league under a Combined Team Form each season) they will either have their own All-Star teams representing their own home leagues or they will combine under the following format if neither league has enough players:

  • Patriot Southern League (Combined Team Form)La Mesa National and Rolando


Online registration for the 2020 Spring Season is officially open. Late registrations are not guaranteed a spot on a team and are subject to an increase of $15 per player. Parents will need to complete the online information; HOWEVER, the following forms, proofs of age, and residency documentation must be brought to a Document Turn-In Day on Saturday, December 7, 2019 or Saturday, January 4, 2020 (see below for details). 

All players must provide the following on either Saturday, December 7, 2019, or Saturday, January 4, 2020, to complete the registration:

  1. A completed Registration Form.
  2. A completed Medical Release Form
  3. A completed Concussion Information Sheet (signed by both the parent and player).
  4. A completed Parent Code of Conduct.
  5. A completed Photo and Media Release Form.
  6. Three (3) proofs of residency (one each from Group I, Group 2, and Group 3) from the examples shown on the Residency and School Attendance Eligibility Requirements OR one (1) School Enrollment Form.

  7. Copy of the player's birth certificate

  8. $195 registration fee, payable to Patriot Baseball (unless already paid on-line)

For more information on Proofs of Residency and/or how to register for the league based on where the player attends school, please see the Residency and School Attendance Eligibility Requirements information is also provided below.


The $195 registration fee includes: jersey and cap, and play during the 2020 Spring Season and potential post-season tournament(s).

Mark your calendar 

Date Time Event
Sat, Dec. 7 9:00am-12:00 pm Walk-up registration and document review at Shira Field
Sat, Jan. 4 9:00am-12:00 pm Walk-up registration and document review at Shira Field
Sat, Jan. 11    9am-12:00am Player evaluations—League age 14s at Shira Field
Sat, Jan 18    9am-12:00am Player evaluations—League age 13s at Shira Field
TBD   Pitching/Catching Clinic/Make-Up Tryouts
TBD 6:00 pm Cap Night Team Announcements. Location TBD.
TBD   Shira Field Prep
TBD 12:00 p.m. Opening Day, Shira Field

(Dates subject to change)


Valid proofs of school attendance

School attendance is established and supported by a document indicating enrollment for the current academic year, dated prior to October 1, 2019 and with the physical location of the school, from the following category to determine school attendance by such player:

  1. A Little League issued School Enrollment Form completed by the principal, assistant principal or administrator

Valid proofs of residency

Along with your required registration forms, please bring three photocopies of documents to one of the two document turn-in days at Shira Field on either Saturday, December 7, 2019, 9am -12pm or January 4, 2020, from 9am -12pm.  These documents must be dated (or in force) between February 1, 2019 and February 1, 2020.  One proof each from Group One, Group Two and Group Three as listed on Page 1 of the Residency and School Enrollment Requirements (or as shown below) must be collected to determine residency of such parent(s) or guardian:


1. Driver's License

2. School Records

3 Vehicle Records  (i.e., registration, lease, etc.)

4. Employment /records

5. Insurance Documents



1. Welfare/Child Care Records

2. Federal State Records (i.e., Federal Tax, Social Security, Etc.)

3. State Records

4. Local (Municipal) Records

5. Support Payment Records

6. Homeowner or Tenant Records

7. Military Records



1. Voter's Registration

2. Utility Bills (i.e., Gas, Electric, Water/Sewer, Phone, Mobile Phone, Heating, Waste Disposal, Etc.)

3. Financial Records

4. Medical Records

5. Internet, Cable, or Satelite Records




Opened: 11/02/2019
Closes: 01/04/2020

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 09/01/2005 and 08/31/2007

In Grades: 6 to 9 for 2019-20 School year

28 open positions.