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HYBL Summer 2023 Season Registration (CURRENT Grades Pre-K-CoEd1st)

We are offering a summer schedule with Saturdays & Sundays this summer.  See below for more information:


  • Register for the HYBL Summer 2023 Season for players in Grades Pre-K-CoEd 1st (CURRENT 2022-2023 School Year Grade, NOT the rising grade for the fall). You must register and pay by credit card online to sign up for the season. After Registering your player you will be routed to a screen to complete your payment with a green "Pay Now" button.  If you do not see this button, you may need to Sign In on a different device or a PC to complete the payment.  Our secure online credit card payment is the required method of payment. Checks will not be accepted during the online registration period.  Registration Details:


Summer 2023 Season Information

  • Registration Fees (CURRENT 2022-2023 SCHOOL YEAR GRADE):
    • Pre-K-CoEd 1st Grade: Early Bird Registration Fee: $75 per player (through 5/13/23)
    • Pre-K-CoEd 1st Grade: Base Registration Fee: $90 per player (through 5/31/23)
    • Pre-K-CoEd 1st Grade: Late Registration Fee: $105 per player (starting 6/1/22 if spots are available) 
    • 2nd-12th Grade Early Bird Registration Fee: $100 per player (through 5/13/23)
    • 2nd-12th Grade Base Registration Fee: $115 per player (through 5/31/23)
    • 2nd-12th Grade Late Registration Fee: $130 per player (starting 6/1/22 if spots are available) 
    • Sibling Discount:  $10 for 2nd child; $15 for 3rd or 4th child
  • Late Registrations: We may be able to accept a limited amount of late registrations for some divisions.  Please use the Feedback link after 6/1 to let us know what grade your player is in and we will respond with instructions for online registrations.
  • Player Evaluations/Clinic Schedule: June 4 at Mechanicsville High School, please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled start time below.  If possible bring a basketball for your player clearly marked with their name on it for their use. 

    Mechanicsville High School AUXILARY GYM:
    1:00 pm Girls 2nd-5th (1 hour)
    2:00 pm Boys 2nd - 3rd Grade (1 hour)
    3:00 pm Boys 5th Grade (1 hour)
    4:00 pm Boys 10th-12th Grade (1 hour)

    Mechanicsville High School MAIN GYM:
    1:00 pm Boys 4th Grade (1 hour)
    2:00 pm Boys 6th-7th Grade (1.5 hours)
    3:30 pm Boys 8th-9th Grade (1.5 hours)

    While we strongly encourage all players to attend evaluations, players that aren't able to attend Evaluations will still be placed on a team.

    NOTE: Pre-K (Grade "-1), Kindergarten (Grade "0"), CoEd 1st Grade (Grade "1"), and Girls 6th-12th Grade players do not have evaluations.
  • Team Creation / Drafts: June 4-15
  • Schedule: June 17, 2023 - August 6, 2023
    • Dates may be subject to change considering extenuating circumstances
    • League games and practices for most divisions will be scheduled on weekends.  We schedule Saturday morning through evening, or Sunday late morning/ early afternoon through evening.  Some divisions may need to be moved to weeknights in the event of extenuating circumstances.  Depending on registration numbers and facility needs this is also subject to change
  • Eligibility: Boys and Girls Players in Pre-K - 12th grade
    • Hanover County Virginia and non-Hanover County residents are welcome
    • Players are grouped into Divisions by current grades as of the 2022-2023 school year, NOT their rising grade for the fall
    • Players with conflicts are welcome, but please advise us of potential scheduling conflicts during registration
  • COVID-19 Safety Protocols: We ask that all HYBL parents, players, coaches, and officials be flexible and adaptable and offer patience and grace in light of dealing with this global pandemic.  The HYBL Board has set the following requirements:
  • Facilities Locations: 
    • ​Primary Location: Big Ben's Home Court (Richmond, VA) - Safe location near Top Golf!
    • Alternate Location(s): TBD - Schools/gyms in or around Hanover County if necessary.
  • Refund Policy: See our Fees and Refund Policy Page
  • Interested in Coaching? If you are registering player(s) please complete the coaching information on the registration form.  If you don't have players and are interested in volunteering to coach please contact Paul Baitinger from our Board of Directors page.
  • Tentative Division Information is below (this is subject to change based on registration numbers and scheduling needs):


School Year
Director Rim Height  Ball 
Bitty Ballers 
Big Ben's Home Court Kevin Brooks 8' 27.5"
CoEd 1st Grade Big Ben's Home Court  Kevin Brooks 8' 27.5"
CoEd 2nd Grade Big Ben's Home Court Robert Seifert 9' 28.5"
Boys 3rd Grade Big Ben's Home Court Robert Seifert 10' 28.5"
Boys 4th Grade Big Ben's Home Court Paul Baitinger 10' 28.5"
Boys 5th Grade Big Ben's Home Court Ryan Noel 10' 29.5"
Boys 6th-7th Grade Big Ben's Home Court Paul Baitinger & Nesha Vest 10' 29.5"
Boys 8th-9th Grade Big Ben's Home Court

Rodney Cole & Dave Cook

10' 29.5"
Boys 10th-12th Grade Big Ben's Home Court Will Ford & Paul Baitinger 10' 29.5"
Girls 3rd-5th Grade Big Ben's Home Court David Ford 10' 28.5"
Girls 6th-12th Grade Big Ben's Home Court
David Ford 10' 28.5"
To contact a Division Director, please refer to our Board of Directors page.
For maps or directions see our Court Locations page.

Base Cost: $90.00

Opened: 05/02/2023
Late date/fee: 06/01/2023$15.00
Closes: 06/17/2023

In Grades: Pre-K to 1 for 2022-23 School year