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Please fill out all sections. Pay online or mail a check payable to "Farmington Little League" to:

Farmington Little League
c/o Treasurer
P.O. Box 324

Farmington, CT 06034

Farmington Little League - 2021 Spring Registration

This is the 2021 registration form for all Farmington Little League baseball and softball programs.

Due to COVID, we will only have registration online (which will be available on January 11) - Go to "Register Online"


If you have any questions, you can contact the commissioners of each league:


T-Ball:     Adam Olson  (christyandadam@comcast.net)

Coach Pitch:   Rocco Guerrera  (rgsprint79@gmail.com)

Machine Pitch:   Jim Grosso  (jimandtuesday@gmail.com)

Minors:    Mike Mangiafico / Rocco Guerrera  (mangiaficomichael@yahoo.com / rgsprint79@gmail.com)

Majors:    Chris Clay  (clay.chrism@gmail.com)

Juniors:    Byron Frank (byrfrank@comcast.net)

Softball:    Bill Kelly   (billkellynd96@yahoo.com)

Opened: 01/10/2021

Pete Kokinis Baseball League - 2021 Summer Registration

This is the 2021 registration for the Pete Kokinis Baseball League.


Every year in the summer, Farmington participates in the Pete Kokinis Baseball League.  This league was organized so that young persons up to age 19 may play baseball and have the benefit of regularly scheduled opposition.  More information on this league is available at their website (www.kokinisbaseball.com).

We will play a 16 game regular season schedule that starts on Monday, June 7 and ends on Thursday, July 22.  Games will be played during the week and also on weekends.  All teams make the playoffs, and they start on Saturday, July 24.  The championship games will be either on Saturday, July 31 or Sunday, August 1 (at New Britain Stadium).   


Player Registration

We will use the Farmington Little League website (www.farmingtonlittleleague.com) as our registration system.  The registration fee will be up to $300 (which you will not pay on the website).  We will collect the fee after we have announced the teams.  Once the teams are picked, we will also need to register the team and players on the PKBL website.

The fee covers the following (insurance, umpires, baseballs, uniform shirt, practice shirt, uniform pants, and hat).  


Rosters / Eligibility

Farmington will have up to four teams participating in PKBL for the 2021 season (age as of April 30, 2021).  I anticipate at least one team in each division.

                Prep:     13 year olds

                Junior:  14 & 15 year olds

                Senior:   16 to 19 year olds

The rosters can have a minimum of 13 players and maximum of 16 players.  Dependent on the number of players signing up, there is a possibility of tryouts.  We will need to know everyone’s vacation schedule in order to make sure we have enough players for all our games.  Our goal is to field competitive teams in all divisions.  

In order to be eligible to play in the playoffs, each player will need to have participate in at least 50% of the games.


There are two ways for you to register

1.  Register Online - Go to "Begin Registration"; or

2.  Email Byron Frank at byrfrank@comcast.net

If you have any questions, you can contact me at  byrfrank@comcast.net

Opened: 03/06/2021