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Hudsonville - Georgetown Little League

2022 Softball Seniors &

 2022 Fall Baseball & Softball
Online Registration Program! 

How to Register Online:  

To get started, you will need to select the division you want to register for. The program is setup to allow you to register a child only in a division that meets their requirements determined by their birth date and gender.  Once selected, the program will ask you to open your personal account.  Returning players should have an account.  Simply log in with your email and password, verify all the information is correct, and then continue on with the registration. 
If you've played or volunteered for Hudsonville Little League in the past, you will need to resign up this year only.  To avoid duplicate accounts for your household and to ensure your player's history remains intact, please carefully complete one entry per person ONLY using your current email.
Special Requests:
Due to the large numbers our league serves, we are unable to honor requests for specific players to be together or players to be with specific coaches. We do place parents who coach with their children. We apologize ahead of time for the inconvenience but this is a board decision not to honor requests. Player requests to be on the same team will not be granted, except in the case of siblings who both evaluate at the requisite skill level.
League Age: 
Please note that all ages listed below are League Ages, which are determined by Little League International's guidelines.  You may find these ages cutoffs here:  Baseball (8-31-2022)  Softball (12-31-2021)  These League Ages are calculated using the birthdate entered for your player.  If you notice that your child's birthdate is wrong, note that you are unable to change it so please contact the registration director who will make the change on our side.
You will be emailed the Online Volunteer Application registration if you are interested in volunteering as a manager or coach, a parent helper that assists with practice, an umpire, concession runner, a board member, or a park volunteer who helps out wherever is needed around the fields.  Please be sure to register as a Coach.