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Branchburg Baseball Club

P.O. Box 5173
North Branch, NJ 08876


2021 Branchburg Baseball/Softball Registration


Dear Parents and Players:

The Branchburg Baseball Club has begun our preparations for a great 2021 season. Please help us by registering no later than Jan 31st, 2021.




Any child (Male or Female) between the age of five (5), born before October 1, 2016 and eighteen (18) is eligible to play baseball.


Any female child from 1st to 8th grade is eligible to play softball.


The 2021 registration fees are as follows:


Baseball & Softball (all age groups):

First Player: $130 + $25 (Field Improvement Raffle Book) = $155

Second player: $100

Third or more player(s): $75 each


We are removing the $75 fee for the volunteer bond. Families will NOT be obligated to work in the snack shack.


The $25 book of raffle tickets is included in your first player registration this year for both baseball and softball. The proceeds for the raffle will be used to continue to make lasting organization improvements. 

The 10 ticket raffle book will be distributed through the snack shack in April, and the raffle stubs are to be returned to the Shack by May 27, 2021.  Money you collect for the sale of any raffle tickets is yours to keep.


We are incorporating Indoor Practice sessions for most baseball and softball age groups, to be held in March prior to the Baseball/Softball season. Costs for these sessions have been included in the registration fee.  A separate registration will open at a later date for the indoor practice sessions as space is limited for this event.  


The BBC Financial Assistance Program is available as in past years; please do not hesitate to contact the President for more information, which will be kept in the strictest confidence. Email to  .


A $20.00 late fee shall be applied to all registrations received after 2/01/21. Please register early!


The BBC will be offering registration this year by grade. Please register your child according to 2020-21 school year grade and he/she will be placed in the appropriate division listed below.


Parental support is essential toward maintaining the quality of our programs. By way of volunteer time, we are able to keep fees and other ancillary costs at a minimum and competitive with surrounding area programs while providing the best quality program for your children.


Please forward any questions to the Rich Muratore at