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Upper Loudoun Little League Online Registration
Registration Process

Registration is an online process. 

If you have registered a child since we began using the current system, please use the same Email address that you  used in your previous registrations.  If you do not remember your password, just provide your Email address and League Athletics will send you a message to reset your password.

If you have never registered a child with us, just provide your Email address at the login screen.  Within a few minutes, League Athletics will send you an Email with instructions on how to create a new account.

Sample Registration Screens

Click here for a PDF showing you the registration screens that you will typically encounter during the registration process. 

NOTE: When filling out the Participant Information Screen (Page 4), you do not need to fill out the School Grade field.  We do not use it as it cannot be changed by you after it has been submitted.  If needed, we have a field in the Supplemental Information Screen (Page 6) for providing the player's School Grade.

League Boundaries

Upper Loudoun Little League covers most of Western Loudoun County which includes the elementary school boundaries of Banneker, Emerick, Hamilton, Hillsboro, Ken Culbert, Lincoln, Lovettsville, Mountain View, Middleburg, Round Hill, and Waterford. 

Parents/guardians should verify that the primary residence of their child is within these boundaries before proceeding with registration.  Residency can be verified through the Loudoun County Public Schools Attendance boundary application (LCPS Attendance Boundary E-Listing).

NOTE: Players may need to be assigned to teams outside their elementary school boundaries in order to provide an equal number of players on teams

Loudoun County Fee

Loudoun County Parks and Recreation requires leagues to pay a fee of $18.75 per player for each registered participant in all youth sports. ULLL was notified that this fee was instituted not to provide new services, but to make up budget deficits to enable LCPRCS to maintain existing services.  The Loudoun County fee is included in the ULLL registration fees.