The SJMC was organized on May 25, 1954 to encourage and develop the spiritual, athletic, recreational and social interests of the men and grammar school age children of St. Josephs parish.

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Please remember that, prior to registering for any programs or events, you must first create a personal / family profile (i.e., emergency contacts, material information regarding eligible children, etc.), which will provide the SJMC with required information, as well as expedite the registration process going forward.  You will only be asked to create the profile once.

You can complete several registrations (i.e., SJMC registration and multiple child sports registrations) at one sitting, with just one credit card transaction. However, please remember that (i) you must be registered as a SJMC Member in order to register your children for SJMC sports programs or events, and (ii) EACH child must be registered individually. Therefore, before "checking out" on-line, you will see that the system prompts you to "register another individual."

In order to pay for more than one membership/registration at a time, though, you will have to fully complete the personal / family profile and registration information for each child, grade by grade, before attempting to make payment.

BASKETBALL --- If your child is interested in participating in the St. Joseph's basketball programs this year, please register and pay for your SJMC membership and the appropriate children's basketball programs online at (REQUIRED). Paper registrations are no longer accepted. Please register and pay online ASAP. Please note that this registration period does not apply for our Pee Wee Hoops clinics (children in grades K-2), for which registration will remain open until the program begins in January.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unfortunately, due to extremely high turnout and limited resources (e.g., gym time, coaches, etc.), and in order to insure that the program remains enjoyable for all its registered participants, registration will be on a first come, first served basis. That is, once any team or grade has reached its maximum capacity, regardless of whether that occurs before, on or after the deadline, any additional children attempting to register at that level will be "waitlisted" until a determination has been made as to the viability of fielding an additional team in that grade; in that event, the site will offer "Join Waitlist" rather than "Begin Registration" for that offering. There can be no guarantee that any waitlisted child will be able to be placed in the program. 


St. Joseph's Men's Club (2021-2022)

For over 60 years, the St. Joseph’s Men’s Club (“SJMC”) has been offering a varied and extensive schedule of programs and events to the St. Joseph’s community, continually striving to realize its mission – that is, to “foster, encourage and develop the spiritual, athletic, recreational and social interests of the members and grammar school aged children of the Parish.”   Your 2021-22 SJMC membership will help us continue that mission in service to all parishioners and their families.

Base Cost: $50.00

Opened: 07/03/2021