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2021 PYB Registration

Welcome to the Peshtigo Youth Baseball 2021 Online Registration! 

Read below for items new this season, or if you are new to PYB, for some quick tips before starting the registration process.  For those of you who have registered with PYB previously, your contact information will already be in the system making this process extremely easy. However, please be sure to update any information that changed since last season, especially email addresses and/or phone numbers.  If you forgot your password, just follow the instructions to have a new password sent to you.

Things to note for 2021:

  • Base Cost for First Child has been raised to $35 but the family concessions/uniform deposit will remain $75.  Thus the upfront cost for the first child in 2021 will be $110.  Each additional child registered from your family will only cost $25/child.
  • PYB will be supplying pants for all players that request them.  During registration, you will be asked to specifiy if you will be needing league supplied pants, or if you will be purchasing your own pants.  Note that if you purchase your own, t-ball, rookies, minors, and majors are grey colored; Babe Ruth Prep and Babe Ruth are black colored.
  • PYB will collect a $75 concessions/uniform deposit when registering your first child.  By submitting this deposit, you are agreeing to fulfill two separate work blocks in PYB's concession stand per registered child.  The $75 deposit will be refunded to you at the end of season only if you fulfilled all of your work obligations AND returned all PYB issued uniform items as described below:
    • T-ball players return league supplied pants and belt (if a belt was issued); league supplied shirt and hat are yours to keep
    • All other players return league supplied pants, jersey, and belt (if a belt was issued); league supplied hat and socks are yours to keep

For those new to PYB:

  • You will need a valid email address to proceed with registration.  Just simply enter your email address when prompted and a password will be immediately sent to that address to allow you to access the system.
  • Once in the system, you will be able to enter a password of your choice.  Be sure to save your password, as this will then allow you access and change your personal information such as email, telephone, etc. any time throughout the season as well as signing up for concessions work.
  • The first part of the registration will ask you to enter guardian information. Note that if you need to enter more than one guardian (i.e. parents in separate households), you can do so by clicking the box at the bottom of that page to "add another parent".
  • Divisions are based on age, not grade. The registration process requires you to enter the child's birthdate and the system will only allow you to continue if the player's birthday falls inside the proper range as outlined below:
Division Birthdate Range
Babe Ruth 5/1/05 through 4/30/07
Babe Ruth Prep 5/1/07 through 4/30/08
Major 5/1/08 through 4/30/10
Minor 5/1/10 through 4/30/12
Rookie 5/1/12 through 4/30/14
T-Ball 5/1/14 through 4/30/16


  • For parents registering more than one child: when you finish registering your first child in the system, the final review page contains a link that you must click to take you back through the system to register additional children. If you want to pay online, you must register all children before selecting the "pay online now" button. Should you close out of the system before registering additional children, or if you want to register additional children at a later date, you can re-access the registration system using your email and password.

If you have any problems registering a player via the online system, please click the feedback button on the homepage and follow the instructions.

Good luck to your and your family during the upcoming season and thank you for supporting PYB!


Base Cost: $110.00

Opened: 02/01/2021
Closes: 05/01/2021

Open to:
born between: 05/01/2005 and 04/30/2016

118 registrations