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Our registration process is relatively simple, if you follow the directions carefully. It should not take more than 5 minutes. If your child has registered for any of our programs in the past you will be identified by your email address once your password is emailed to you.

2021 SPRING BASEBALL Registration



Redding Baseball League registration is open for all boys and girls ages 4 through 12 (date of birth as of 4/30/21). Each year about 200 children participate in our Spring season from our T-Ball Division up through our Majors Division. The season runs from mid-April through mid-June with games on weekends as well as various weeknight games/practices.

You will be required to submit full payment for your registration to be complete. 

Our division breakouts are as follows:

Majors – Cost for Season - $230.00. The Majors players will play all of their games on the larger 50/70 field (50 feet from pitcher’s mound to home plate and 70 feet between each base) with 50/70 field rules such as leading and pick offs. This division is for all eligible 7th, 6th, and 5th graders – although younger/less experienced 5th graders may choose to play in the Minors division instead by noting that in the Special Request section of Registration. Majors season in 2021 will be fully integrated with Easton Baseball.

Minors - Cost for Season - $230.00. Played on the traditional 46/60 field – features full kid pitch, stealing, etc. This division is for 5th (those choosing to not play in Majors), 4th, and 3rd graders. Minors season in 2021 will be fully integrated with Easton Baseball and teams will be proportionately balanced based on overall registration.

Rookies - Cost for Season - $215.00. Also played on the traditional 46/60 field – features combination of coach pitch/machine pitch. Games are played with outs, score is kept, and players bat in a continuous lineup.  This division is for 2nd, and 1st graders.

T-Ball - Cost for Season - $125.00. Played on a smaller sized field with smaller team sizes (usually 6 – 8 per team).  Batters hit the ball off a tee while learning the fundamentals of the game including batting, fielding, & throwing.   This division is for those children in Kindergarten, Pre-K, and any child who turns 4 by April 30, 2021. 

Please note, play-ups are at the sole discretion of the Redding Baseball League Committee and President. Play-ups will be granted strictly based on safety concerns.

Key Spring Dates:

Registration Deadline: March 15th (extended deadline)

Player Evaluations: Mid March (will be held for Majors and Minors divisions only)

Teams announced: Mid/Late-March

First practices (indoor): Late March/Early April

First Games: Week of April 20th

Opening Ceremonies: May 2nd

Questions? Contact us at info@reddingbaseball.org

Looking forward to a fun season - Opening Day Ceremonies will be here soon!

Regards,Redding Baseball Committee

Opened: 01/25/2021
Closes: 08/09/2021

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 03/31/2008 and 04/30/2017