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NOTICE...Please follow the prompts for your respective registration page.  We've had to WAITLIST some divisions but please register as we'll do our best to get every kid on a team if at all possible.  Please read the FAQ page prior to registration.  Additionally, all Managers will be assigned their child and the children of up to 3 Assistant Coaches.  No Manager shall be granted any additional requests for players.  Do not send additional requests to the Player Agent.  All Players will have the opportunity to request up to 3 friends with whom they would like to be on their team.  ATLL will attempt to pair each player with at least 1 of those friends however they make no guarantees.  All siblings will be placed on the same team with each other, however please include them as one of the friend requests so it’s not overlooked.  Please do not send additional requests to the Player Agent for managers, car-pooling, practice nights, etc.