Clearwater/Clear Lake Youth Baseball Association


In addition to registration fees, we will also be collecting a volunteer check for $175 which will be returned or destroyed at the end of the season provided families volunteer for at least 4 hours per child with an 8 hour family max.  This check must be provided to your childs coach prior to receiving their cap and jersey.  NOTE: Willie Mays families are required to volunteer an additional 2 hr. at the Year End Tournament.


For families with 3 or more children to register:

A 50% discount will be applied to each child registered after the second fully-paid registration.  Discounts will be applied to the lowest-costing (youngest) registration(s). To take advantage of the discount please complete the registration process for each child, but do not pay at check out.  To have your discount applied to your registration, you must contact the site administrator by using the "Contact us" link at the bottom of the page.  Allow 3 business days for the web administrator to revise your account.  You will receive an email when the discounts are applied and then you can return to the Registration System and pay the discounted balance.