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Welcome to the Decatur Flames registration system.

Please note there are multiple registration options (teams) below. Review the options carefully to ensure you are selecting the correct program.


  • If you are a returning player, the registration will auto-fill your 2018-2019 USA Hockey (USAH) number when registering for this season. YOU MUST REPLACE THIS WITH THE PLAYER'S VALID 2019-2020(USAH) NUMBER. The registration system will walk you through the steps to obtain this number.
  • If you are a returning family, you may have account balances from prior seasons or credits earned by working Bingo to apply. Contact the with any balance inquiries.
  • Your registration is for the entire season from October through March.
  • The payment structure for the 2019-2020 season has been restructured to have one fewer payment. Note the new payment due dates and amounts.
  • Registration at season start includes ten(10) $5 discount cards that you can sell to family, friends, and coworkers to provide discounted goods and services throughout the area. Total value of these cards is $50 and the money you collect from the sale of these is yours to keep.
  • If you are registering after the season has started, dues will be prorated based on the season's progress but discount cards may not be available/included.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar at jared.broderick@decaturhockey.com

Payment Schedule by Team:

Team Registration 10/20 12/31 Total  
Beginner $50 $75 $75 $200  
6U $50 $225 $225 $500  
8U $50 $225 $225 $500  
Combined $50 $175 $175 $400  
Squirt-10u $50 $550 $550 $1,150  
Peewee-12u $50 $550 $550 $1,150  
Bantam-14u $50 $550 $550 $1,150  
High School $50 $400 $400 $850  


2019-2020 Coach and Manager Registration System

This registration is for all Coaches and Managers, this is being done to help with keeping records of those that are in Coaching or Managing position of teams at all levels. There is no cost associated with this registration.

35 registrations