SFV Lacrosse's mission is to help teach life lessons to school aged children throughout the San Fernando Valley via lacrosse and to promote and advance amateur youth lacrosse in a safe and sportsmanlike manner where everyone plays.
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SFV Lacrosse is a member program of the Southern California Lacrosse Association (SCLA). All players' eligibility to participate in SCLA league events is determined by age and residency restrictions:

Residency: SCLA player registration is determined by the player’s home address. “Home address” means the primary place of residence. Home address does not include business addresses, or the address of a relative or friend.

For SFV Lacrosse, the registration boundaries are determined by the map located at http://maps.latimes.com/neighborhoods/region/san-fernando-valley/ plus the towns of Calabasas and Hidden Hills.

If the player’s home address changes to that of another Participating Town, the player may continue to play for their original Participating Town or transfer to the new Participating Town. Once that choice is made, it cannot be changed during their SCLA career.

Waiver Requests: All players who reside within the boundaries of an SCLA Participating Town but wish to register with a neighboring SCLA Participating Town must request a representative of the neighboring town program to submit a “Waiver Request” for review and approval by the SCLA. Waiver requests are generally NOT accepted, except in unusual extenuating circumstances.

At-Large Players: All players who do not reside within the boundaries of an SCLA Participating Town shall be considered “At-Large” players. At-Large players may be assigned to an SCLA Participating Town within close geographical proximity to their residence.

Spring 2021 Player Age Eligibility Cut-Off Dates


Division Eligibility Ranges
6U (Coed) Born after 8/31/2014
B8U 8/31/2014 - 9/01/2012
B10U 8/31/2012 - 9/01/2010
B12U 8/31/2010 - 9/01/2008

8/31/2008 - 9/01/2006

(for 8th grade boys outside this age range, please email )

Girls 8U please email   for information
Girls 10U 8/31/2012 - 9/01/2010
Girls 12U 8/31/2010 - 9/01/2008
Girls 14U

8/31/2008 - 9/01/2006

(for 8th grade girls outside this age range, please email  )

if your child falls outside these dates, please contact to request more information. Please note that age groupings DO NOT apply to Fall lacrosse clinics.

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