The NYAA is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit youth sports organization serving the Northwestern Lehigh School District area, providing educational athletic opportunities that range from recreational to competitive for pre-school through high school aged boy
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Registration Help

Registration Information

Choose from the available open programs listed in the drop down menu. Once you find your desired program click the green "Begin Registration" button and follow the simple instructions to register yourself (if new) and your child(ren).

Important Registration Information

  • Parent/Child Membership:
    Step 1: Sign up as a parent (member type = parent/guardian).
    Step 2: Add a child to your parent account. It's the child's record that will be used to register for a sport. The parent record will be used for the annual fee. This creates the "family" structure in which one other adult may be added and multiple children.
  • Multiple Emails: Add more than one email address to your member account by separating addresses with commas in the email field. Use this feature to include other family members that should receive NYAA notifications concerning your child's team.
  • Policies: Prior to completing registration, you will be asked to accept and agree to the NYAA Code of Conduct and Photo Release. Note: Medical authorization forms will be distributed by the Sport Director or Coach once child is approved to play.
  • Paid registrations: Only completed paid registrations will be added to that sports roster. Unpaid registrations expire within a period of time designated by the Sport Director (minimum of 24 hours to 5 days). If registration expired on your child's account, you simply have to register for that sport again. Paying within this time period guarantees your child has a spot on the roster.

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The Northwestern Youth Athletic Assoc. is a registered 501(c)3 organization.

$10 Admin Fee

This Admin Fee applies to all sports for the remainder of 2020, allowing all eligible youth members to register for any NYAA sports program during this time.  

This fee assists in covering overall NYAA administrative costs and insurance coverages in any and all youth sports.

Note: Only ONE parent account should pay this fee, not child accounts.

If you think you have paid this fee twice in one calendar year, please contact


Opened: 08/09/2020
Closes: 12/31/2020

Open to: Men & Women
born on or after: 08/09/2002

2020 FALL Softball 10U D2 -FUNK

FALL Softball 10U

This team is the D2 team that moved up from prep last year or first time 10U players.

Cannot be 11 prior to January 1, 2020  



Base Cost: $50.00

Open to: Girls
born between: 01/01/2009 and 06/30/2012

2020 FALL Softball 12U -SEYLER

FALL Softball 12U

This is for players on Coach Seylers team moving up to 12U

Cannot be 13 before January 1, 2020 


Once you register for this age level the softball director and coordinators will place your daughter on the appropriate team.  

Please refer to the Softball Home Page for more description of the LV League and Parkland League.

Base Cost: $50.00

Open to: Girls
born between: 01/01/2007 and 12/31/2010

2020 FALL Softball 14U- SCHLOFER

FALL Softball 14U

This is for players on Coach Schlofers team. 

Cannot be 15 prior to January 1, 2020 



Base Cost: $50.00

Open to: Girls

2020 FALL Softball 16U-18U

FALL Softball 18U - 16U

This is coach Snyders team.

Cannot be 19 before January 1, 2020

Base Cost: $50.00

Open to: Girls
born between: 01/01/2002 and 12/31/2005