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Welcome to the Canyon Creek Little League registration system.  

Before registering your child, please review the following: 

  • Little League Age Requirements to determine your child's League Age.
  • Levels of Play to determine the division in which your child is eligible to play.
  • Residence Requirements to determine your eligibility to play.  
  • Boundary Map to verify you live within the CCLL boundaries. Those who recently moved outside the CCLL boundary, but wish to continue playing in the CCLL, please click here for a waiver form. This form needs to be submitted to the   for approval prior to registration.
  • 2022 Tryouts for League Age 9 or above to ensure draft eligibility.
  • Our refund policy.
  • If you have a financial hardship, please refer to our scholarship guidelines.
  • For registration questions, please contact our  .
2022 Fees
  • Volunteer Deposit: $200 (per family)
    Volunteer fees will be reimbursed at the end of the season for families who volunteer 12 hours.
  • Player Fees 
    • T-Ball (League Age 4,5,6)  $200.00
    • Farm  (League Age 5,6,7)   $305.00
    • A       (League Age 7,8)      $305.00
    • AA     (League Age 9,10)    $425.00
    • AAA   (League Age 10,11)  $425.00
    • Majors (Leage Age 11,12)   $450.00
  • League Age 13
    • Intermediate 50/70: $450  + additional fees due upon being selected for the team
    • Intermediate 50/70 Gold: $450 + additional fees due upon being selected for the team
  • League Age 14
    • Juniors/Seniors Gold: $450 + additional fees due upon being selected for the team

Early Bird Discount:  9-14 year olds

Registrations before 12/03/2021 recieve a $50 discount

Early Bird Discount:  4-8 year olds

Registrations before 01/01/2022 recieve a $50 discount



Sibling Discount
If you have more than one child playing, please register all children in one session to receive the sibling discount. You will have the ability to "register another individual" at the end of the first registration. There is a $50 discount for each additional child.

Note: Unpaid registrations are deleted after (24) twenty four hours

Please follow these steps when completing your 2022 CCLL Registration:

1.  First, complete the Parent/Guardian Registration. *This step is REQUIRED*

2.  Next, if you plan to volunteer, complete the Volunteer Application/Background Check form.

3.  Next, if you plan to manage or coach, complete the Manager/Coach application.

4.  Finally, complete the appropriate League Age registration form for your player(s).


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