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Change Team: 

(click here for printable copy - will open in separate window so you can follow along)

Register your child for Minor Emergency Form, Swim or Tennis team with the following steps:

** If you registered your children last year AND remember your password - you can select the program you are registering for, log in and then skip to Step 16.

  1. Select Begin Registration for MINOR EMERGENCY FORM, SWIM TEAM or TENNIS TEAM
  2. Select Continue on next page
  3. Enter your email address (if you have multiple - be sure to use the one associated with Klahaya)
  4. Select forgot Password 
    (every member already has an account with their families information entered)
  5. Select Reset my password
  6. Follow link received in email to reset password
  7. Continue logging in from the Sign in Page as instructed
  8. The next page will list all of the family members we have on file
  9. Click on Ineligible next to your child's name (children remain Ineligible until you add birthdate/sex)
  10. Verify information in your child's record
  11. Add their email if you would like them to receive messages (if it is not already listed)
  12. Add your child's mobile phone number if you would like the coaches to be able to contact them directly
    *** PLEASE NOTE***
    1. DO NOT select "Do not email" or you will no longer receive any emails from Klahaya.
    2. LEAVE "Roster" selected for all fields - no rosters will be made public, so you do not need to change this
    3. You may add a cell PROVIDER but for the time being we plan to continue to use Twitter for mass text messaging
  13. Enter in your child's Gender and Birth Date (required) 
  14. Select Submit
  15. Your child will now be eligible for registration

    ***The above steps only need to be done the first time you register***
  16. Fill in the fields on the following page, enter initials for form signatures and then press Submit
  17. If desired, print the confirmation page for your records (you can always access your registration list by viewing your account through the EDIT MY ACCOUNT button on the left sidebar)
  18. On the confirmation page you can register your child for another team or your other children for a team.
  19. The total you owe will be automatically updated.
  20. You can always find the total that you owe for team registrations by logging into your account (go to EDIT MY ACCOUNT on the left sidebar).
  21. If you change any of your contact information under EDIT MY ACCOUNT - for billing purposes, please be sure to email bookkeeper@klahaya.net directly in order to ensure you continue to receive your invoices.​


  1. Skipping a step
    1. I apologize for the detailed instructions, but most problems can be solved by following instructions carefully, step by step.
  2. Email is not in database
    1. Many users have multiple email addresses, make sure you use an email that receives messages from Klahaya.
  3. Email with password reset not received
    1. Check your junk mail or spam folder
    2. Although email should be instantaneous, if system is busy – there may be a delay in receiving your email – check back later
    3. Add to your address book
  4. Your child’s name is not listed under your account
    1. This is likely because we never received your child’s name - If you see the option “Add Member” – you may add your child’s name and information yourself and then follow the steps above.


Minor Emergency Form

Emergency Form: Information to be entered for all youth members.  Please make sure you following the instructions above if you have never registered your child for any programs through this system.  Each child must have a birthdate in their record.

If your child is 18+ years, the system may show them as ineligible.  We do not need a form filled out for any adults - however, please list all ALL family members in your household that will be using your membership in the space provided.

If your child's name is not listed in your account, please contact webmaster@klahaya.net.


Opened: 06/28/2015