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For the 2019 Season Online Registration System

Note to returning users: When you log into your account to register, you will see the programs you or your child have signed up for in past years as the system saves this information. All programs list the year so please don't think you are already registered if the program year lists 2019 (or prior).

Registration Closing Time:

The divisions close the first minute past twelve o'clock of March 09, 2019 (12:01am), you do not have all day of the closing date to register. Please register early! Players may register after the In-Person Registration dates and a $50 late fee PER CHILD will apply (fee matches what Calendar sales would have been).

Please send Baseball Late Registration (includes Tee Ball and Coach-pitch) to: Greg Lounsbury, 46 Leigh Ct Laconia, NH 03246

How to Register Online:

To get started, you will need to select the division you want to register for. The program is setup to allow you to register a child only in a division that meets their requirements determined by their birth date. Once selected, the program will ask you to open your personal account. Returning players should have an account. Simply log in with your email and password, verify all the information is correct, and then continue on with the registration. Please fill out the requested information on-line ALONG WITH the forms you will be printing and bringing in to one of our registration nights listed above.


Once this is completed on-line, you will just have to update it next year if it changes. If you've forgotten your password or are not sure you have one, simply type in your email address only and it will email you a new password. If the email entered is not associated with your account, it will allow you to start a new account by entering your guardian's information and then the children's information. (Note that if you have several emails associated with your account, any one of them will pull up your account.)

NOTE: If you've played or volunteered for Laconia Little League in the past, your information is in the system . To avoid duplicate accounts for your household and to ensure your player's history remains intact, please contact if your information does not appear and we will get your account assigned to your current email. What we've typically found is that an old email is listed for your account and all that needs to be done is add the new email.

League Age:

Please note that all ages listed below are League Ages, which are determined by Little League International's guidelines. Laconia Little League allows players league age 5 through 12 only.

You may find these ages cutoffs here: Baseball

These League Ages are calculated using the birth date entered for your player. If you notice that your child's birth date is wrong, note that you are unable to change it. Please contact to correct information.


If you are new to Laconia Little League or have moved recently, please verify you live in or your child that will play baseball goes to school in Laconia, Gilford, Belmont, Meredith, Bristol, New Hampton, or Gilmanton before registering. There are grandfather clauses that may allow you to play in our league if you are outside, please contact to see if you qualify.


Please complete the Volunteer Application registration if you are interested in volunteering as a manager or coach, a parent helper that assists with practice, an umpire, a board member, or a park volunteer who helps out wherever is needed around the fields. Anyone with contact with any child other than their own needs to fill out a volunteer form.

All Volunteers must fill out a Volunteer Form for the 2019 Season and will include a background check. You must provide your Social Security Number for the background check. Once the background check is completed, your social security number will be shredded.


Payment Methods

The program is setup to have you pay with cash or check at one of our registration nights or online with a Visa or MasterCard. After our registration dates, you will need to send your payment to Greg Lounsbury at the above address. Please include the $50 per child late fee when sending these payments in. Note there are no additional fees for either method.

Family Maximum:

The maximum family registration fee is $75, unless you are registering late, then $50 per child late fee per child will be added to your total. If you are showing more than a $75 BASE registration, please feel free to contact the webmaster directly. Balances from previous seasons will show as outstanding if they were not previously paid. Refunds: A refund is available upon request prior to the close of registration for the player’s division less a $25 processing fee. A refund due to medical reasons is available upon request prior to the start of the division’s season. After Opening Day, NO REFUNDS are allowed.

NEW: You will be required to provide the "Registration Review" form at our Registration Nights if you choose not to pay online. This is available for you to print once you have completed the online registration process.


If you have any questions, please e-mail Laconia Little League at

Please fill out the online registration form after registration dates have ended, and the medical form, then print them out and send the 2 forms, along with 3 forms of proof or residency or school enrollment, and check or cash for your registration fees to the above address. FIRST TIME REGISTRANTS MUST ALSO SEND A COPY OF YOUR CHILD'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE (This is required to play in Laconia Little League). Please fill out the requested information on-line ALONG WITH the forms you will be printing and sending in. Once this is completed on-line, you will just have to update it next year if it changes. 

Thank you for choosing Laconia Little League! We hope you and your kids have a great time this year!