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Welcome to Huguenot Little League’s Registration


During the spring season players will continue to develop skills and baseball/softball knowledge.  The spring season has a regular season, playoffs, and post season All Star tournament play for the elite baseball and softball players from the league.  Learn more about HLL All Stars here


Spring season is roughtly a 12 week season that is finalized with play offs at the end of May. Skills Assessments and drafts will be in February. You will receive a call from your manager at the beginning of March once we have been able to form teams. Practices will begin the week of March 7th.  The first games will be Friday March 20th or Saturday March 21st.  We are targeting playoffs to complete at the end of May but is tentative due to weather.  


Below are a few guidelines to help you through the process.  Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the important information provided and should you have any questions, we are ready to assist!


Common Registration Question

Q: Which Division should my child play in?  

A: Little League Baseball uses the Sept 1 – Aug 31 designation to determine league ages NOT actual ages which is similar to how schools are in Virginia. Little League Softball uses the

Jan 1 - Dec 31 designation to determine league age.  The target divisions for each age group are shown below to provide guidance for your registration but the system will only allow you to register your child to a program that they are elligible to play in.


While we have targeted age ranges for each of our baseball and softball divisions, we recognize there are always situations that may change impact the best divsion for a player.  If you believe your player is ready to move up into a division, you can specificy this during registration.  It should be noted that requests for play up are not guaranteed in any way as our goal is providing a safe and appropriate program for your player.  If you think that your player is new and would benefit from more introductory development you can reach out to your division director to request moving the player to another division.



League Age

Born Between






  Tee Ball


09/01/2015 - 08/31/2017


  Coach Pitch


09/01/2013 - 08/31/2014


  Machine Pitch


09/01/2011 - 08/31/2013




09/01/2009 - 08/31/2011




09/01/2007 - 08/31/2009


  Intermediate (50/70)


09/01/2006 - 08/31/2008




09/01/2005 - 08/31/2007




09/01/2003 - 08/31/2005






  Tee/Coach Pitch Softball 


01/01/2013 - 12/31/2015


  Machine Pitch Softball


01/01/2011 - 12/31/2012


  Minor Softball


01/01/2009 - 12/31/2010


  Major Softball


01/01/2007 -  12/31/2008


  Junior/Senior Softball


01/01/2003 -  12/31/2006






  Girls & Boys



No Fee


Q: When do we get our schedules?

A:  The short answer is usually a week before practices start which will be early March.  The longer answer is that our league is entirely run by volunteers including the Head Coaches (Managers) in each division.  Managers get to pick their day of practice which is one day a week usually between 5:30 - 6:45.  Unfortunately, every season we usually struggle to find interested Managers and thus can’t put together the teams which leads to the practice day (and then the schedule) until right before the season starts.


Q: Where do we play?

A:  Robious, Greenfield, Bon Air are the most common game locations.  Practices also occur at Tomahawk, Crestwood, Midlothian High School.




Little League Baseball and Softball is an organization designed to build good citizens. It is a program of leadership, preparing today's youth to be tomorrow's leaders. Huguenot Little League relies on a devoted legion of adult volunteers to help ensure that the organization remains structured and runs smoothly.  We are always looking for responsible and enthusiastic individuals to support and coordinate Little League events and activities. As a volunteer, you should have a keen interest in the safety, well-being and overall development of children.   Whatever talents or skills you have, we can use them!  Any community member who wishes to become a volunteer may apply.


All parents of children involved in Huguenot Little League are strongly encouraged to volunteer. As a parent volunteer you have the opportunity to spend quality time with your child in a safe, fun-filled environment. 


Background Checks

Little League and Chesterfield County requires all adult volunteers (includes: board members, managers, and coaches) have necessary background checks performed.  Adults without the proper background checks WILL NOT be allowed onto the fields (this includes parents who are helping coaches).

Our league staff and the Volunteer Coordinator (volunteer@hllball.org) will communicate requirements and helpful information to you regarding completing this process.  You can follow the steps on the HLL Volunteer Page to become a volunteer.




Huguenot Little League plays  in the Fall, Spring and completes each season with an All Star Post Season Tournament (for ages 7 and up). 

  • Fall Season: September through October
  • Spring Season plays from March through early June (Assessment in February for ages 7+)
  • All Star Season plays from June through July/August depending on age groups

Registering early will greatly help the league in planning for seasons. You will need to provide a copy of your child's birth certificate and a proof of residency to your coach prior to opening day. 

Please note prices represent the cost for residents of Chesterfield County.  We are required by the county to pay a $15 fee for non Chesterdfield County registrations and therefore non residents price will be adjusted to included the that fee. 

2023 - Umpire Registration


Umpires are required to register so that we can track the completion of the required Little League Background Check.

Opened: 12/01/2022
Closes: 12/31/2023

Open to: Boys & Girls