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Welcome to the Ohio AAA Blue Jackets Online Registration System

Important Please Read the Following Message before Continuing

This is a new online registration system for the AAA Blue Jackets. All parents or guardians must establish an account on the system prior to registering. This applies to all new or former AAA Blue Jacket participants. Once an account is established you will not need to create it again to register for future Ohio AAA Blue Jackets programs. 

If you have previously registered for tryouts in the past and forget the email address you used to access the system, please contact  

For those registering for the first time who need to establish an account do the following:

1. Click on the register button next to the program you wish to register for.

2. Read the instructions on the page and then press continue.
3. On the Sign-In screen, enter the email address that you wish to be associated with your account and DO NOT enter a password. Press the submit button.
4. Within a few minutes, the system will send you an email with your initial password. You will be able to change your password when you are setting up your account.
5. Return to the Sign-In screen and login to the system with your email address and the password sent to you.
6. The first setup screen you come to will be for the Parent or Guardian to enter their information. It will say participant at the top of the screen. (yes a bit confusing). Fill in the required fields and any optional field you wish. Parents or Guardians should not enter a birth date or USA Hockey number. Also, here is your chance to change your password to something you can remember. When you are done press submit.
7. The next screen will be for the player's information. Fill in all required fields and any optional fields. Press submit to continue. 
8. Enter the program information as required and press submit.
9. The payment screen is displayed. The screen will allow you to pay via credit card. If you have more then one player to register, then press the Register another Individual button.
10. Remember to save your sign-in information. After your account is created, you can sign in anytime to add additional players or parents/guardians. You can also check your account balance and make payments.

"The AAA Ohio Blue Jackets only accepts debit or credit cards as a form of payment.  If you are unable to pay using this method of payment you will need to contact . "