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Select the one of the registration programs below.

You will need to set up a family account (multiple children can be register under the same account). If you were signed up last year, you should already have an account. (If you forgot your password, the system will allow you to reset it via your email address) The online system will also require you to self register with US Lacrosse (For returners, your US Lacrosse number is already in the system. New comers without a US Lax number will register their child for their own number. The system will automatically take you to the US Lacrosse website where you will need to renew/register your membership for a $25 fee, not included in the base fee. All players must be a register US Lacrosse member or they may not play for the club.) After you renew/register your US Lax number, the system will allow you to continue to register your child with the club. Once the registration is complete you will have the option to pay online via a credit card or you can mail a check to the club address provided (simply mail a check with a copy of the confirmation email). For 3rd through 8th Grade:  Returning players can reuse their uniform from last year or purchase a new one.  New player will be required to purchase a uniform.  Once you register, you will receive a link to purchase your uniform through our online store. 

*Pre-season indoor training will now be included in the registration fee. (more information to following)

If you have any questions or problems please contact the Club Director; Matt Reilly at 973-403-1116