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You will notice that the program names and birth date guidelines starting in the Fall of 2016 look different than previous years. The birth year limitations are now running for the calendar-year (from January to December) rather than from August to July. Please note, these steps are mandated from U.S. Soccer down through Mass Youth Soccer to our county (ECYSA). Triton Youth Soccer as the rest of the leagues in our county must standardize to this format. As such, there could be slight changes as to where your player fits into specific programs. If you would like more information on the mandate, you can read about it here


New Registration Programs Mandated By U.S. Soccer


New Registration Requirement - Digital Photo Upload

Because of the updated guidelines, the TYSA now requires that a current player photo is uploaded each registration season. This is required because participation varies per season and player photos need to remain current. The sole use of this photo is for the ECYSA Player cards. Registration cannot be completed without the player photo upload. Please do not begin the registration unless you have access to this photo.


Registration Details

Please read the statement directly below regarding registration closing dates

Please take note of two values listed below in the registration sections:

  • Late date/fee - This is the date late fees start. To avoid paying a late fee please register by the day prior to the Late date/fee.
  • Closes - This date indicates when the online system closes registration. When the system reaches this date, the registration closes. For example, if the "Closes" date displays "12/01/2021", the registration closes at 12 A.M. on 12/01/2021. It does not close at the end of that date.


Last, before you register please look at the age or grade prerequisite listed on top of each registration box when starting your registration.

Please fill out the registration form carefully.

Thank you and have a great season!


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