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We are sorry if you missed out this year.  We will miss you at Boca Jets Lacrosse 



We are very excited to kick off registration for our 2021 Boca Jets Lacrosse season. Our season will begin in mid-January.  We are in the process of finalizing our RETURN TO PLAY plan with the City of Boca Raton.  Once we have this wrapped up we will open registration.  Our number 1 goal is to keep all our Boca Jets Lacrosse familes safe. We at Boca Jets Lacrosse have spoken to many experts in the field and will be purchasing special cleaning products to make sure all the benches and public areas are kept sanitized. We have great things planned for the season including several new coaches who bring a wealth of lacrosse knowledge and experience in training the players. We are currently working on dates for our free fall clinics which will help get your child/children ready for the season. Be sure to register as soon as possible. Many of our age groups fill up very quickly and we don't want to have your child shut out of the 2021 season. Please feel free to forward this email to your friends who may be interested in joining the Boca Jets Lacrosse family. As we began last year age groups are mandated by US Lacrosse.  This year our program will run boys and girls teams in the following age groups: U6, U8, U10, U12, and U14.  As always we are here to answer any questions. If you have concerns about your child's age group please contact us prior to registering. These age groups are NOT arbitrary and are determined by US Lacrosse. We must follow US Lacrosse rules for safety, insurance, and liability purposes.  Please do not ask to play your child "down".  We are aware that often a child's grade is different than other children his/her age.  Children must be placed according to age restrictions rather than by grade.   Also US Lacrosse requires a collection of a mandatory fee.  This fee goes directly to them and the registration process requires “a stop” at US Lacrosse before proceeding with Boca Jets.   
Please be mindful of our registration policies regarding refunds and requests.  

Our refund policy is on or before November 30th 100% refund.  Between November 30th and December 31st 50% Refund, and after December 31st NO REFUND. This is the Boca Jets Lacrosse registration fee only, not the mandatory US Lacrosse membership fee. We appreciate your understanding that we must adhere to our registration/refund deadlines. We also hope that you can respect our inability to honor requests to play for a specific coach/team. If your child played with Boca Jets Lacrosse in 2020 please do not create a new account. Log in to the system using your previously stored user name and password. Then click your child’s name and register them for the current season in the correct age group. If you have any questions please contact us at 



Finally the following comes straight off the SFYLL home page which governs Boca Jets Lacrosse as well as every other rec program in South Florida. Those looking to change rec programs, having played with Boca Jets Lacrosse you must obtain a written release from us which we will send to the directors of the desired new program.  Failure to obtain this release will result in the removal of your child from a new program and he/she will be forced to sit out the 2021 rec season.  This is a league rule which we intend to monitor with great scrutiny this season.  A lack of transparency will only result in the inability for your child to participate which no one wants to happen.  Conversely if you desire to return to Boca Jets having played elsewhere you must follow the same protocol and obtain a release from your current which will allow you to again play at Boca Jets. Please respect this rule and follow proper protocol.  Releases are issued on a case by case basis and are at the discretion of the directors.