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This is a donation form for Dakota Ridge Sports Association's Operation "Bounce Back".  This is a fundraiser to help our organization rebuild our Easton Outdoor Batting Cages that were completely destroyed in the May 2022 spring storm.  We had just finished spending $15,000 to renovate them the month before the snow storm hit and demolished all the new work.  It is also a fundraiser to help us buy baseball field supplies that were so thoughtlessly and hatefully stolen out of our supply shed (with a sturdy lock on it) at the end of June 2022.  The shed has already had a new door and lock put on it, as that was our first priority.  Any donations made to this organization for this fundraiser will be matched by 1.25 by a very generous anonymous donor.  We hope to be back on our feet and "bouncing back" from these occurrances in no time!***Update....We had another break-in the week before Christmas.  Thankfully, nothing was stolen, but the new door and lock that had been replaced, were badly damaged.  That will need to be replaced again, and also, some kind of protective fencing system will need to be installed to protect the shed. Foothills Park and Rec had their Schaefer Athletic Complex broken into again at the same time as well.  It's crazy and uncertain times right now, and there seems to be less and less respect and thoughtfulness for others.