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Use this form to make a convenient online 100% tax deductible contribution to support Weston High School Football, or to request an official donation receipt for prior donations. 

All contributions to the Weston Gridiron Club are tax deductible and 100% of the donations to the Weston Gridiron Club go to fund Weston High School Football.   Weston Gridiron Club is a a 501c3 organization.  Tax ID #26 462953. 

You will be mailed a separate "Weston Gridiron Club Official Donation Receipt" signed by the organization president for tax filing purposes.

Family Fees:

Each year, the Gridiron Club must raise $40,000.00 to pay for buses, insurance, player equipment, coaches equipment, booster barn, etc. 


Each player will be charged $150. Please pay the fee by August 31st.  

Please note: NO ONE will be turned away because they can not afford the fee. 

If you need assistance, please contact Bradie Paul, and she will confidentially work it out with you.