South Central Soccer Academy the premier soccer club on the south side of Indianapolis serving Greenwood, Whiteland and Franklin IN. Come join the fun offering recreational, TOPSoccer and travel leagues.

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South Central Soccer Academy offers scholarship assistance to families in need. To apply for scholarship assistance, please complete the following form. In addition to this form, please complete the Online Registration for the appropriate program. When asked for payment at the end, go to bottom of page and exit back to registration home page. This will provide all the information to our registration database for follow-up.

Complete one scholarship form per family.

Rules & Regulations of Scholarships:

  1. All outstanding balances must be paid before another scholarship can be awarded.
  2. Applicant must register their child(ren) for current South Central Soccer Academy program. 
  3. Scholarships will be awarded based on the following process :
    1. Application (online form) submitted by July 1st with requested documentation (see Proof of Income Checklist for Scholarships).
    2. An appointment set up with our Scholarship Administrator.
    3. At this appointment:  A deposit will be paid, Volunteer Commitment Form signed,  Volunteer slips issued and a credit card will be set up for a payment plan for current enrolled programs.

*If all forms are NOT completed by this appointment, a deposit and payment plan set up, then a scholarship will NOT be awarded.

  1. If applicant’s financial status has changed since his/her most recent tax return (i.e. disability, job loss, divorce), please include supporting documentation from the appropriate social service agency of current financial situation.
  2. Request of scholarships will be authorized or denied by the administration of South Central Soccer Academy. A scholarship may be revoked due to misuse (i.e., not attending a program, misconduct, or misrepresentation of this form).

Proof of Income Checklist for Scholarships:


  • Income tax return for the most current year
  • Two (2) most current paycheck stubs for all household members 18 years and above


  • Documentation from IRS/IDR waiving filing of tax return
  • Printout of wage inquiry for one full year from Workforce Development
  • Documentation of assistance eligibility from TANF and/or food stamp office

Documentation and questions can be submitted via email or mail. Feel free to contact us with questions!