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Baldwinsville Field Hockey Infomation Sheet 


Your field hockey experience will be filled with learning the skills, rules and concepts of the game. You will also learn how to be a team player and the responsibilities that go along with being on a scholastic sport team.
We have a lot of fun and learn quickly at this level. Respecting coaches and each other is very important and will be maintained throughout the season.

Athletic Clearance:

Baldwinsville District now requirs online registration for athletic sports sign up and clearance through Family ID.  The registration is from a secure platform that provides you with an easy, user-friendly way to register for our programs, and helps us to be more administratively efficient and environmentally responsible. When you register the system keeps track of your profile so that you enter your information only once for multiple uses, multiple family members and multiple programs.  This program is replacing the current paper process.  You will no longer need to submit paper work to the nurse or athletic office.  Everything will be completed online.  
Please click this link - Sport Sign Up - to register your child for field hockey and all sports.


 Equipment Required: 

  • Mouth guard (colored-always have 2)
  • FH stick 
  • long shin guards
  • goggles
  • water bottle to fill before coming outside. 
  • Practice jersey(issued at start of season).

Come to try-outs prepared and in good physical shape. We have about 10 practices before our first game to learn all the skills and rules of field hockey. Therefore, being ready and in shape will make the process more enjoyable. Try-outs will include numerous fitness requirements and a timed mile the first two days.


Important Information

  • Practice everyday after school.
  • Possibility of some Saturday practices and/or games.
  • Team rules and expectations will be passed out after try-outs conclude.
  • 8th grade athletes will take the sports shuttle bus at school dismissal to Ray daily. Arriving at Ray,         they will report to the sports study hall in the cafeteria.
  • 7th graders will report to the Ray cafeteria for sports study hall at dismissal. Coaches will come                and dismiss you from sports study hall to go to locker room.
  • Athletes are allowed to bring two padlocks for use in the sports locker room at the schools. 
  • Lockers must be locked at all times and locker number and combinations are given to coach for emergency situations.
  • Athletes must have 9 practices prior to the first scrimmage and 11 practices prior to the first game. It is important not to miss any practices due to these state regulations.


Booster Club

We encourage all parents who are interested in being involved in the Booster
Club to check out our website: www.baldwinsvillefieldhockey.com.
We will need a modified representative to the booster club for communication between the team and the club.