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Congratulations to all the girls!

 Athletic Award Ceremony Recipients

Bville Outstanding Team Player Award  - 

Baldwinsville Field Hockey Booster Scholarship Winners - 

Baldwinsville Outstanding Team GPA: 95.20 -Section 3 Recognition!! 


Varsity Awards - 2020

Leadership Award:  Cara Vredenberg

Most Consistent Player:  Emma Hollenbeck

Player of the Year Offense: Rebecca Mantione

Player of the Year Defense: Mary Young

Player of the Year Midfield:  Sydney Huhtala

Coaches Awards: Paige Morrissey and Victoria Schultz

Versitility: Mia Kuzdzal


League Awards - 2020

1st team All League: 

Rebecca Mantione
Cara Vredenberg
Mary Young
Sydney Huhtala
2nd team: 
Victoria Schultz
Mia Kuzdzal
Paige Morrissey
Emma Hollenbeck

Honorable mention: 

Emma Dugan
Grace Holenbeck
Skye Exware 


Section III All-Stars

Cara Vredengburg

Rebecca Mantione


NYS All-Stars

Rebecca Mantione