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As we rapidly work to get fall out we wanted to send out some preliminary info and a quick survey for Fall/Winter events. Here is a breakdown of some key information of the upcoming months!


New Website


We are currently working to build a new website that will bridge all our programs together and make it much easier for families to navigate (that is the goal anyway).  It is unknown at this time if it will be done in time for the fall registrations but that is our goal right now! More to come on that! 


Fall meets Winter!


As mentioned in our State of the Union meeting this past February we will be merging our  fall and winter programs for DHL. 


Fall/Winter Dates: 9/23/19 – 1/18/20

Click Here to complete the Fall/Winter Events Survey by Sunday 7/21 


Some of this is still tentative, but this is what we are working to finalize. We will be sure to let you know as soon as things confirm in the next two weeks. Our goal is to have registrations up by the second week in August. 


  • High School: Black/ Orange
    • Practices – Mon/Wed, 7-9pm at Kiva
  • Middle School North: Black/Orange
    • Practices – Tues/Thur, 7-9pm at Kiva
  • Middle School South: Orange
    • Practices - TBA - Mesquite HS is undergoing administration changes. We have been in communication with them and are still awaiting final allocations. 

Breaks and Holidays


  • 10/6 – 10/13 - Fall Break
  • 10/30 & 10/31 – Halloween Recess 
  • 11/25- 12/8 – Thanksgiving Break 
  • 12/23 – 1/5 – Winter Break – we are planning to run wall/ball & conditioning during winter break just like in years past. 

‚ÄčAZGL Saturday Game Days*


  • 9/28 – North Location
  • 10/5 – North Location
  • 10/12 – OFF Fall Break
  • 10/19 – South Location
  • 10/26 – South Location
  • 11/2 – North Location
  • 11/9 – North Location for Non-Surf Storm travelers
  • 11/16 – 11/17 – Southwest Classic – South Location

 *It is possible that not all teams will play every Saturday - depending on how we break up teams.


Tournament Commitments


  • BLACK - Tournament participation is mandatory for Black team players. 
  • ORANGE - For Orange players it is highly recommended that you attend at least one travel event each season. 
  • WHITE: We are working on a developmental  option for a High School White team – this group would be beginners to intermediate players who are only looking to practice and participate in local events. More to come on that! 
  • DSTIX - If you are not interested or able to travel as a Middle School player we suggest continuing with the Desert Stix program. 

Tournaments & Events


  • 11/9 – 11/10 – Surf Storm, Oceanside, CA (ALL Teams)
  • 11/16 – 11/17 – Southwest Classic, Local AZ (ALL Teams)
  • 11/22-11/24 – IWLCA Presidents Cup (HS Black/2022 and up ONLY, HS Orange/2022 and up only – selected players)
  • 12/13 - 12/14 – Lax 4 Life – (Friday night/ Sat AM) Tentative – Local, Tempe Sports Complex
  • 1/11 – 2020 Black Team Tryouts: Summer – Winter 2021 (tentative)
  • 1/18 – 1/19 – Sand Storm, Indio, CA (ALL Teams)

Click Here to complete the Fall/Winter Events Survey by Sunday 7/21  


2019/2020 Fall/Winter Rosters & Tryouts 


The rosters for the 2019/2020 fall/winter season will remain the same. That being said, our rosters are ALWAYS DYNAMIC! See our policy Click Here. We will also be evaluating all new players to DHL this fall the first week of practice, it will be open as to which team players make based on their skill. If they are of a Black level they will be placed on Black to improve their game. If they are still emerging and developing they will be placed on Orange,  White (HS only) depending on travel/event plans. Again if you are not interested in traveling as a middle school player we recommend continuing with Desert Stix program.  




Many people have been asking so we wanted to get out what we know so far. The events are pretty concrete unless noted. Practices, game days and other noted information we hope to finalize in the upcoming weeks. 


We can not stress enough how important it is to complete the events survey by Sunday as we work to register teams for Sand Storm. 


Click Here to complete the Fall/Winter Events Survey


Looking forward to continuing the 2019 DHL Club Season! Enjoy the last few weeks of this HOT summer, stay cool and safe!


Please feel free to share this information with any friends who might be interested in joining DHL this fall! This is posted on our Season & Info Page Click Here. We appreciate you all :) 


Thank you,

Tyna & Jessica