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GIRLS -- 7th and 8th grade players should register with and play for the Scarborough Middle School teams. We are not sure exactly when their registration opens, but please click here for more information. 

** There are pre and post season training opportunities available for girls, and we will update this page with information as soon as dates and details are known.  


BOYS -- 7th and 8th grade lacrosse is offered through SYL

Why does SYL offer lacrosse for 7th and 8th grade boys?


Our feeling is there are too many boys wanting to play at these grade levels to be accommodated properly through the Middle School which has team size limits and so must cut players.  SYL has retained the top coaches for these levels, and we feel SYL offers the best instruction and competitive play for this age group.  SYL has offered this age team successfully for many years and we are e ready for another great season!


What's different in SYL's 7th and 8th grade boys lacrosse compared to SYL 3rd-6th grade teams?


If you played on our SYL 5-6 teams last year, you will notice some changes as you step up to the 7th and 8th grade teams.  Most noticeably the coaching staff and the programming.  We have secured some of the best coaches in the area for our Middle School aged teams.  Most are former Scarborough youth and Highschool players who have played in college and are returing to give back to the community and younger players.  Our middle school coaches are working together with our Scarborough HS Red Storm varsity coaches to prepare these players for the next step.   The practices are more competitive and challenging, and we play harder competition and more games. Playing time is guaranteed for each player, but the amount of time is earned.


EVALUATIONS  - unlike younger SYL teams,  there will be evaluations for these grades.   The only way to make even-weighted teams (we normally have multiple teams per grade)  is to evaluate the players and split them up as evenly as possible.   Evaluations are made at the beginning of the season.  All players will practice together most of the time.  




There may be an opportunity to play in a SELECT league during the spring against other local select teams and clubs from other areas.  This select team would be by invite only and coached by the Red Storm Varsity Coach Zac Barrett and/or former coach Joe Hezlep.   Only players who are members of SYL are eligible for consideration and must be unanimously approved by all the SYL 7th-8th grade coaches.  This select team is above and beyond the SYL league.




The SYL teams get top priority in Scarborough.  We will start pre-season work in mid-March and in conjunction with the high school schedule.  The SPRING TRAINING offering will begin late Feb. through March.  More info to come. 


Please forward all questions and inquiries about Middle School aged lacrosse to  Thank you!