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Helpful Hints for "Team Mom" or "Team Organizer"

Here are a few tips and information needed to help you get thru the season. The basic idea is to help the coaches in any way possible so they can focus on teaching the game of baseball.

What is a "Team Mom":

A "team organizer" or "team mom" is a great way to get involved in the league! You will play a crucial role in turning a group of kids into an actual TEAM. Keeping the team organized will go a long way with the kids learning to love baseball, (practices, snacks ...). You will have access to our rosters, schedules, etc. on this website containing all team players, parents, phone numbers, and email addresses. This website will help notify the team of games, practices & urgent information; and help you make sure all your team parents stay informed. Encourage all players and families to register on our website: www.bryannationallittleleague.com.


You can organize snacks for parents to share the responsibility of if you would like.  This is typically for the games only.  Talk with other parents of the team to see what they would like to do.  If you do sign ups for snacks, it is recommended that you send reminders so that a parent doesn't forget when their date is.


You will need to help pass out uniforms when they arrive.

As soon as uniforms are ready, each team will be contacted with the time and location to pick them up. Please be patient. We cannot control how fast the vendor completes the order.  You will be promptly informed as soon as they do come in.

Opening Day:

Opening Ceremonies are scheduled for April 2.  We will send out details on schedule as we get a little closer.

·        Help your coach organize the kids and get ready.  More information coming.


The official book is always kept by the Home Team.  Team parent can keep score or organize other parents to do the job.  However, it is a good idea to keep score for each game you play whether you are Home or Visitor. This also helps the coach throughout the season on knowing who needs work in what areas. Scorebooks will be provided by the league.  It is encouraged to get help with this so that you can focus on the players, especially in the younger divisions.

 Pitch Count: Sr. Minor age and older baseball teams must log pitches on the website.


It is the responsibility if each team to clean out the dugout before and after each game (trash, cups, bottles, equipment, etc.). We ask you to remind parents to please help with the trash in the stands and ballpark in general. This is something team players can help do. After all, this is THEIR Field!!

After the Game Duties:

Please help the coaches with the following:

·       Make sure all players get all of their personal equipment. Bats and gloves get left behind by players a lot.

·       If you are the last team playing for the night This is extremely important:              

o   Put away any equipment that belongs to the league

o   Put away Scoreboard Controller

o   Close and lock all of the sheds

o   Close and lock the bathrooms

o   Turn off the Field Lights (Make sure all families are headed to their cars before doing this.


Rain Outs:

Make sure that everyone is aware to NEVER ASSUME a game is rained out. There will be penalties to a team that doesn't show up for a game. The field conditions will be posted on the website (via schedule) on days of bad weather as close to 5:00 p.m. and emails will go out if there is a cancellation.  Please see the All Coaches Information for more information on rainouts.