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New to the NBLC?  Below are some common questions and concerns new players and their families may have.  Please click a question to see the NBLC's answer.  If you need more assistance, please click the "Feedback" link on the left. 



General Questions


Learning Lacrosse

Help with MudDogsLax.com

QUESTION: When does the lacrosse season begin and end?
ANSWER: The season starts in early March and ends in mid June.  Clinics are offered prior to the season to allow players to try lacrosse before registration.


QUESTION: When will we find out our games schedule?
ANSWER: Game schedules and directions will be posted on the website as soon as they are available, most likely in February. Each team member will be given instruction on how to retrieve game schedules off the web at the preseason MANDATORY PARENT MEETING. Keep in mind that game locations and times change during the season so it's important to check an updated schedule throughout the season.


QUESTION: Do you have a girls program or can my daughter play on one of the boys' squads?
ANSWER:   We are currently in the process of starting a girls program for the 2015 season. 
Unfortunately, the South Jersey Youth Lacrosse League prohibits girls from playing on any of the boys' squads. 

QUESTION: Can my child play more than one sport?
ANSWER: We encourage children to play multiple sports.  Involvement in multiple sports allows children to enhance their athletic development, while being fun.  Our winter clinics are scheduled to minimize conflicts with winter sports, such as wrestling and basketball.  Make as many clinics as you can.  In the fall, we encourage your child to play football, soccer or another sport.  In the spring, we request that your child to make lacrosse their primary sport. Enrollment and participation in other sports or activities must not interfere with our program.  Activities that take away from practicing lacrosse not only restrict the your child's individual development but also affect the rest of the team.


QUESTION: What does my registration fee go towards?
ANSWER: The registration fee is determined by looking at our estimated number of participants for the given year. The fee covers referees and officials, league fees, uniforms, team equipment (goalie equipment, goals, nets, cones, balls etc.), medical kits, insurance for all players and coaches, training and certifications for the coaches and tournament fees.


QUESTION: Why does lacrosse cost so much compared to other recreational sports?
ANSWER: NBLC is a 100% volunteer, self funded non-profit organization.  We are not subsidized by any township.  The entire program is funded through donations, fundraising and registration fees.  We try our best on donations and fundraising to keep registration fees as low as we can while still providing a great program for the kids.  Unlike other sports, lacrosse is a fairly new program and has only been offered for a few years.  The club pays for everything, including but not limited to all the uniforms, team equipment, field maintenance, tournament and league fees, referees and officials, insurance for all players and coaches as well as background checks, training and certifications for coaches.


QUESTION: What is your refund policy?
ANSWER: All registration fees are final! Any refunds must be approved by the NBLC board. The only exception is if someone pays and there are not enough players to fill a roster.


QUESTION: What equipment does my child need and Is equipment expensive?
ANSWER: A full set of boys equipment including helmet can cost up to $300 depending on what you purchase. Remember, helmets will fit your child for several years. The prices below are provided as a small guide for you.

• Stick (really called a crosse) (wide range of prices)
• Lacrosse Helmet ($100+) & attached, non-clear mouth guard ($2+)
  (NOCSAE approved lacrosse helmets only--NOCSAE approved hockey helmet is not acceptable) 
• Shoulder Pads ($40+)
• Arm Pads ($40)
• Gloves (hockey gloves do not flex properly for lacrosse) ($40)
• Athletic supporter with protective cup ($10-$20)
• Rib pads are strongly recommended!
• Rubber cleats (soccer or football cleats are fine) ($35+)
• Water Bottle for practices and games
Girls equipment will cost about $125, depending on what you purchase.  Below is a guide for girls' equipment
  • Girls' Stick - has no pocket (wide range of prices)
  • Eye protection/goggles
  • Non-clear mouth guard
  • Cleats
  • Water bottle for practices and games


QUESTION: Can my son use hockey equipment for lacrosse?
ANSWER: As stated above, hockey helmets are prohibited in lacrosse.  Hockey gloves are not constructed to allow the flexibility required to cradle a lacrosse stick.  As for the rest of the pads, hockey pads are much heavier and bulkier than lacrosse pads.  They will restrict your son's movement and be EXTREMELY HOT when the weather gets warmer.  It is highly recommended that you obtain legitimate lacrosse equipment to allow your son the opportunity to learn the game without being restricted by improper equipment.


QUESTION:Where do I get Lacrosse equipment?
ANSWER: Lacrosse equipment must fit properly to provide correct protection, until you understand fitting issues we recommend going to a lacrosse supplier that can ensure equipment fits right. While Modell's, Dick's Sporting Goods, Sports Authority do carry equipment, we have found they are OK to use for general stuff that does not need to be checked for fit. The most critical will be the helmet. There are also MANY web sites for ordering online.


QUESTION: I watched a game and was a bit confused, what are the rules?
ANSWER: Lacrosse rules are fairly complex at first glance. We refer you to an excellent web site: http://www.laxrules.com/


QUESTION:  How can I help my son practice?
ANSWER:  We're glad you asked! Practices are going to become more frequent as the season gets going... but even with the boys getting together a few times a week we still need your help in getting them out a couple more times and going through some drills. These drills cover the very basics but they are the skills that need to be mastered to make our team practices more effective. We can't be running through plays when players can't catch and throw. Lacrosse is a game where (to use some football analogies) EVERY player needs to play quarterback, receiver, running back and defender. So you don't play Lacrosse? It doesn't matter; these drills can be conducted with a baseball mitt. Everyone can catch and throw a ball. These drills cover some of the same fundamentals as the line drills we start every practice with do.

QUESTION: How do I update my personal/contact information?
ANSWER:  If you need to do any of the following:

  • Change your address
  • Add or change email addresses
  • Phone number changes or additions
  • Make your phone number public, private, or just on the rosters

All these edits are best done by the member -- YOU.
The instructions are simple:

  • From the main page of our website, MudDogsLAX.com, click on the left-hand menu item "Edit My Account"
  • Log in using your email address and password.
  • When you log in, your family profile will appear.
  • You will see all family members and the programs each member has been registered in.
  • Click on a family member name.
  • Update the information that you want to change.
  • Make sure the check box "No Email" box is NOT checked.  If this box is checked you will not receive any emails from us.
  • Be sure to click on the Submit button when you are done.
  • Make sure you make the changes for each family member.
  • Changing one person’s information does not automatically update all other members. 

QUESTION:  I don’t think I’m getting all of the e-mails. What should I do?
ANSWER:  A couple of tips that may help if you are not getting our emails:

  • Check your spam/junk mail folder in your inbox.
  • Add 'LeagueAthletics.com' as an "Approved Sender" to your email settings.
  • Double-check and confirm  the email address that is in the system. Follow the steps above for updating your personal/contact information.

QUESTION:  How do I get e-mail & text reminders about practices and games?
ANSWER:  Instructions are simple:

  • From the main page of our website, MudDogsLAX.com, click on the left-hand menu item "Edit My Account"
  • Log in using your email address and password
  • When you log in, your family profile will appear. 
  • You will see all family members and the programs each member has been registered in
  • Check the box for Practices and/or Games
  • If you want text messages make sure your cell phone number is listed
  • Make sure the check box "No Email" box is NOT checked.  (If this box is checked your email address will not be included in ANY email sent from this site which may include reminders, change notifications and other important messages)
  • Be sure to click on the Submit button when you are done
  • Do this for each player you want reminders for.  Make sure your email address is in the player’s record


QUESTION:  How do I check my registrations & balances?
ANSWER:  To check program registrations for your entire family, follow these directions:

  • From the main page of our website, MudDogsLAX.com, click on the left-hand menu item "Edit My Account"
  • Log in using your email address and password
  • When you log in, your family profile will appear. You will see all family members and the programs each member has been registered in, including fees, payments and balances due. You will be prompted to make payment if there is a payment due. 

QUESTION:  Do I need to RSVP when I receive practice and/or game reminders?
ANSWER:  Practice/Game reminders are sent with an RSVP request 24-48 hours prior to the event.  Please RSVP for every event reminder.  This will assist our coaching staff when preparing for the given day’s events. 


QUESTION:  Is there a volunteer requirement fo the Northern Burlington Lacrosse Club?
ANSWER:  Yes.  The NBLC is a 100% volunteer non-profit organization.  The success of the program depends directly on involvement of each's player's family.  Therefore, it is expected that everyone will contribute some time, talent and effort to support the program.  There are a host of ways you can volunteer.  Use our Feedback Form to explore these and other volunteer opportunities.

At the Club level, you can help on a committee, such as:

  • Girl's Prgram (We need parents of our young girls to become more involved in this side of our program to help it grow.)
  • Fundraising / Sponsorship (Help drum up corporate sponsors and coordinate fundrising activities.)
  • Field Coordination (Become one of our volunteers to help setup and care for game day fields.)
  • Equipment/Uniforms/Merchandise (Assist with the organization, distribution and collection of team uniforms, equipment and NBLC merchandise.)
  • Finance / Legal Consultation (We need parents with backgrounds in these areas to assist the Board when needed.) 

At the team level, you can volunteer to be:

  • Team Parent (Help organize the team by coordinating team events and snacks)
  • Field Representative (Ensure documentation for the game, keep the official score for the game)
  • Head/Assistant Coach (Actively participate in team practices and games.)