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The eligibility requirements for the District team are:

  1. Must have played in the SNLL for the 2022 regular season and played in a minimum of 8 house league games.

  2. Must commit to participating in ALL practices and games as determined by the Manager from approximately June 1st, 2022 through August 1st, 2022 (or beyond if the team keeps winning).

The District Commitment form must be signed, dated and RECEIVED by the SNLL by June 1st, 2022.  The District team commitment letter can be found under the documents section of the web site.


All-Star Player Selection:

The following rules were adopted:

  1. Each major league manager will vote for 12 kids per all-star team.

  2. The kids will also vote for 12 kids per team.

  3. Umpires will not have a vote.

  4. The maximum number of votes that a player can receive is 7 (6 manager votes and 1 players vote).

  5. The top-10 vote-getters will automatically be on the team.

  6. The all-star manager for each team can select up to 4 additional players.

  7. In order to be selected by a manager, the additional player must have received at least 4 votes.


District Team Manager Selection:

Nominations could be made by any major league manager, major league coach, or Board member to be selected as a manager any of the 3 all-star teams. The same person can be nominated for more than one team. After all nominations have been made, a vote will be taken by the entire Board to select a manager for each all-star team. If an all-star team does not have anyone nominated, then the Executive Board will nominate someone for that team. Any manager that is selected to manage an all-star team must still coach the team even if their child does not make the team.

Nominations for all-star managers should be made via e-mail to Jim Lash and Brian Ash by May 1st, 2022. The nominees will meet with the Executive Board and then the recommendations from the Executive Board will be provided to the entire Board for a vote at the May 3rd Board of Directors regulary scheduled meeting.