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Mission Statement: The Scorpions AAU Baseball Club is dedicated to providing young student- athletes the opportunity to develop their skills and potential in a competitive and supportive environment. To achieve this goal, the Scorpions Baseball Club is committed to providing players with off-season training and professional coaching.  The SeaWolves are also dedicated to providing a fun and positive atmosphere that results in a lifelong respect and love of baseball.


Our team rosters are limited to 12-13 Players. This guarantees more playing time in games and

repetitions during practice.


Program Goal:  The premise for our teams in all age groups is on skill and mental aptitude development. At 9-10U age levels, we primarily compete in the Open Division of the NEAAU. Winning is of course always important to us. However, our priority is on skill and mental development and we will sacrifice a win for an opportunity to learn. 

For our Open Division players, our objective is to provide

equal playing time as much as possible.


It is at the discretion of our coaches to place your son in the best possible position for his/her success. It is all about taking your child to the Next Level. You have to ask yourself, " What good was winning a 10 Year old game if in the future your son doesn't make his middle school or high school baseball team."


                   Simply put - The Scorpions AAU Baseball Club

develops talent!


Once players reach the 11U, 12U, 13U and 14Ulevels, they are placed on either an Open Division team or ascend to a Super Division team or a Diamond Division team. The difference, Super Teams and Diamond teams compete at a more competitive level with an emphasis on the winning component added. The developmental objective remaining the same.

Please note, that the amount of playing time on a Super Division

or a Diamond Division Team is not guaranteed.

It is continually earned by hard work, practice attendance and performance in games. It will vary. Super and Diamond Division players will always participate in a games but playing time may not be equally distributed. If given the choice, a parent has the option to decide what level he/she wishes their child to compete in.   

It is our goal and passion to improve your child

for the NEXT LEVEL.

Competition: The goal is to expose student-athletes to a significantly higher level of baseball through our affiliation with New England AAU. In addition to the NEAAU season, most of our teams compete in at least one weekend high caliber tournament. The intent is to give players the opportunity to experience baseball at its best. Our teams compete in tournaments throughout the Northeast.  

Coaching StaffMost of our teams are comprised of non-parent coaches who are compensated for their professionalism. We will have a few teams that are coached by parents. However, they have a proven track record of fairness and coaching at various levels. They actually have very competitive playing experience too!  
Training Facility:  The Scorpions Baseball Club  does off-season hitting and pitching training during January, February and March at our  year round  facility in Warren RI. Winter fielding parctices are held at Teamworks in Somerset MA..





Winter Team PracticesEach of our teams practice up to 3 hours per week during January, February and March either in our Warren facility or Teamworks in Somerset MA. Practice time is spread across time in the cages hitting, time in the bullpens working with pitchers and catchers and time on indoor turfed fields working on defensive skills, baserunning, developing Baseball IQ etc.



The objective is to prepare our players for the 2020 season and beyond.





  • Players receive a substantial quality uniform package including but not limited to 2 game jerseys, 2 caps to match the game jerseys, baseball pants, helmet, training shirt etc. Our players look good too!!!



  • 16 - 25 Game Schedule  (Depending upon age group)
  • At least one high caliber weekend Tournament per team above 9U 
  • Local Home Fields / Games Played at Bristol Town Beach Baseball Complex(at Colt Park)


Frequently Asked Questions

 What is AAU ?   The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is one of the largest, non-profit, volunteer sports organizations in the United States. It is a multi-sport organization, dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports. AAU baseball offers the best competition in the country and region with most teams participating in an off season training regimen. There is a 16-25 scheduled game season that consists of playing teams from all over New England and is for the serious and dedicated ballplayer. 

NEAAU is a well established organization that is nationally recognized by coaches at all levels and widely considered the premier amateur youth baseball association in the United States.

 How Does the Scorpion AAU Baseball Club Differ From Other Local AAU Clubs? The goal of the Scorpions Baseball Club is unequivocally on individual player development in a team concept. Our objective is to start preparing our players for high school baseball at the 9U level. Other clubs preach the same but one should ask the questions, " Who really is doing the teaching and coaching?" and “What is the coaches’ playing and coaching experience?"  By keeping our rosters at 12-13 players, each player receives plenty of attention at practices and plenty of playing time.


Why will my child benefit the most from the “Scorpions AAU Baseball Club” winter training program?

Our winter team practices are of the highest quality. Most AAU teams spend the winter in cages just hitting. Often their bullpens can not be adjusted to 60’6”. Maybe there is a small area where players can take some ground balls but often not.


All Scorpions Baseball club teams take part in an intense 3+ month workout program that is structured and organized.  

- All teams practice up to 3 hours per week

- Fielding practice occurs on large turfed fields at Teamworks in Somersett MA.. We set up infield diamonds and teams have great defensive skills practice. Teams work on:

       - bunt defenses,

       - 1st and 3rd offense/defense

       - pitchers work on holding runners on base,

       - infielders work on situations and baseball decision making raising their baseball IQ,

       - we also work on single and double cut methodology

       - and all players simply get in lots of reps fielding ground balls and throwing to bases

- Batting Practice occurs in our 70’ long cages.  

- All pitching/catcher practice is performed in our bullpens on portable turf mounds from the correct distance the player will be throwing from in games(46’, 50’ and 60’6”).

- Advanced baserunning skills occur on the diamonds when set up on the turfed fields

As a Scorpions AAU Baseball Club player, how and by what avenues will my child develop?
This answer is simple. Coaching, coaching and more coaching !  It is the single most important element next to hard work in a player’s development. All Scorpions AAU Baseball Club coaches are highly experienced and actually played the game at a very competitive level. Our teams are mostly coached by non-parents who are compensated professionals. Our players will have the advantage of training in a new upscale facility and work with an experienced staff of instructors.
What about team instruction? 
Most programs will offer some off-season instruction but it can vary in what is being taught. We offer one total club teaching philosophy in our structured 1-1/2 to 3 hours of practice for 12 plus weeks during the winter months. It is about preparing the athlete for the season and the NEXT LEVEL through every means possible.

The most important question to ask yourself is ...

Did my child significantly improve last year?


What about the number of games
An AAU program should be a supplement to a towns’ youth program. The SeaWolves feel strongly about players playing for their individual town teams. However, we do urge a strong commitment to our program as well.  The schedule ranges from 16-25 games depending on age group as well as 1 weekend tournament for most teams. We strive to find the right balance between Town/Rec/Little League baseball, Middle School/High School baseball, Scorpions AAU Baseball Club and giving our players enough free time to recreate during the spring/summer months!!!


Why play for the Scorpions AAU Baseball Club and not a Brand X Travel program?   For these solid reasons....

  • The Coaching staff are all experienced professionals with many teams coached by Non-parent coaches. Our coaches are well-compensated for their time and effort and are held to a high standard.
  • Teams are limited to 12-13 players so there is ample playing time for everyone.
  • Indoor training facility available year round with a professional staff of instructors.
  • 1-1/2 to 3 hours per week of structured team baseball practices during the winter. We accomplish much more than other AAU programs since our facility has cages and correct distance bullpens and we rent turfed fields for defensive skill development
  • Weekly team practices during the season
  • Top-of-the-line equipment and merchandise provided
  • We have our own home fields with minimal travel.
  • We are proud members of New England AAU. 


The #1 objective of our organization is to help our Scorpion AAU Baseball Club players excel in:


  • Little League

  • Little League All-Stars

  • Middle School Baseball

  • High School Baseball


    Once the player reaches High School, we also have our NEW ENGLAND SCORPIONS SHOWCASE BASEBALL CLUB. These teams are for those players who have demonstrated a very high baseball skillset and aptitude and hope to play in college.