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October 15, 2013:  
President's Blog from outgoing President Mike Woodruff:

I would like to thank everyone who attended the Board Meeting on Monday.  I am sure we would have had a few more in attendance if we did not have the mix up with the library.  With that said, it was a very productive meeting and I would like to give you the highlights. 
First on the agenda was the approval of some very basic bylaws that will be posted on our new webpage (when it goes public).  This is just the building blocks to a strong organization and does not supersede SCJAA bylaws.  With these in place, we can start to create more specific bylaws that will guide the growth of the program. 
Next on the agenda was the creation of registration costs for the upcoming 2014 season.  This item took up a good deal of time and we had some great parent interaction.  Again, we as a board (and the parents in attendance) agreed that we should get the registration costs as closes to covering the operating costs as we could.  We also needed to balance that with overwhelming folks with large registration costs.  The other aspect that received unanimous support from the board and parents was the desire to assist the fledgling girls program by reducing the costs of their registration.  We felt that hitting perspective parents with close to a $200 bill (after uniform and all) to participate in a sport that is rarely seen might devastate that program.  We will look to raise the cost of the girls registration (to full coverage of costs) as that program builds. 
We were able to come up with registration numbers that get us well within a manageable operating budget, that will be bolstered with corporate donations/fundraising.  This will allow us to use targeted fundraising to attain an actual goal and not just a continual fundraising cycle. 
We set the Boys registration as follows: High School - $320; 7/8 - $185; 5/6 - $130; 3/4 - $125.  The Girls registration will be as follows: 5/6 - $50; 3/4 - $50; 2nd Grade - $25. 
While these prices are a bit of a hike from last years numbers, please understand that we required a mammoth effort from fundraising in order to cover the losses from last years registration.  The operating costs are largely the same as last years, so that is how far off we were.  I have attached the operating budget for 2014 (which is what we based these numbers on). 
The final major point of the meeting was Lacrosse Board nomination and elections.  
I would first like to say that I had fun serving as the board commissioner last year, however my hours at work have changed and I did not think I had enough time to continue to perform in the position as I would like to.  I would also like to thank Heather McIIrath, who served as the Board Treasurer for the last two years.  She did a fantastic job during some very trying times. 
Ben H (edited by webmaster) was elected to the Board President position.  He will take over this email address for ease of contact. 
I was elected to the Vice President of Boys Operations position. 
Jami Woodruff was elected to the Vice President of Girls Operations position.
Scott Bender was elected to the Treasurer position.
Doug Chandler was elected to the Secretary position. 
Eric Wietzke and Shane Bookshnis were elected to the Board member at large positions.  
Please look for future emails from Ben H (edited by webmaster)  announcing the opening of registration.  We look to open registration very soon, to help stretch out the costs of registration.  Thanks for your understanding and I look forward to seeing you all next season. 
If you need to get in touch with me, I can be reached at  . (editor's note:  I converted the email address to a link to minimize spam)

Mike Woodruff