GHAA is excited to bring volleyball to the community!


2016 Fall Volleyball is canceled due to gym limitations and schedule conflicts.  A refund will be given to those who already registered.



  • Registration concludes August 24th
  • Practices will begin after Labor Day
  • Games will conclude early October prior to basketball



  • Teams will be Co-ed
  • Teams will be split by grade level
    • 1st & 2nd Grade
    • 3rd - 5th Grade
    • 6th - 8th Grade



The game structure will mirror USA Volleyball structure with emphasis on playing the game in a manageable way so the player can be successful.

  • 1st & 2nd Grade
    • Play on smaller court
    • 4 on 4 diamond shape
    • Serve 3 serves regardless & rotate
    • Unlimited subs & "snake" rotation
  • 3rd - 5th Grade
    • Play on regulation size court
    • Best 2 out of 3 to 21 points
    • Rally Scoring (point scored each serve)
    • Parent/Coach volunteer official
    • Unlimited subs with coaches following substitution rules (players must enter/leave for same player each game)
  • 6th Grade & Up
    • Regulation size court
    • Best 2 out of 3 to 25 points the first two games & 15 the third game
    • Rally Scoring
    • Games officiated by official
    • Teams must follow substitution rules (players must enter/leave for same player)


Games will be played during the week or on Saturday afternoons in the JDS or West Gyms at Germantown Hills Middle School.