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The New Mexico Amateur Hockey Association (NMAHA) is a sanctioned association under the New Mexico Affiliate (Land of Enchantment Amateur Hockey Association - LOEAHA) of the Rocky Mountain District of USA HockeyUSA Hockey is the governing body for all ice hockey played in the United States. 

NMAHA is a Non-Profit 501c(3) organization registered in the state of New Mexico.

NMAHA's constitution, by-laws and policies are set in accordance with the regulations, rules and guidance provided to us by all the above mentioned affiliations. 


NMAHA's goal is to teach the following core values:

Sportsmanship - Foremost of all values is to learn a sense of fair play. Become humble
in victory, gracious in defeat. To foster friendships with teammates and opponents

Respect for the Individual – Treat all others as you expect to be treated.

Integrity – We seek to foster honesty and fair play beyond mere strict interpretation of
the rules and regulations of the game.

Pursuit of Excellence at the Individual, Team and Organizational Levels – Each
member of the organization, whether player, volunteer or staff, should seek to perform
each aspect of the game to the highest level of his or her ability.

Enjoyment – It is important for the hockey experience to be fun, satisfying and
rewarding for all participants.

Loyalty – We aspire to teach loyalty to the ideals and fellow members of the sport of

Teamwork – We value the strength of learning to work together. The use of teamwork
is reinforced and rewarded by success in the hockey experience.