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What Does the Lehigh Valley Natives Lacrosse Club Offer? - The Lehigh Valley Natives Lacrosse Club offers both boys and girls lacrosse players in the Lehigh Valley off-season opportunities to learn and play lacrosse with the goal to improve their individual skill sets that will, in turn, elevate the level of competition for their teams and communities during the regular spring season.


How Does the Club Work? – The LV Natives offers a seasonal membership for each of the 3 off-seasons; summer, fall and winter, on an annual basis. This membership includes instruction from a knowledgeable and experienced staff, uniforms for the year, facilities and administration. Membership in the LV Natives Lacrosse club allows club members to take advantage of lacrosse events offered in season that may include tournaments, league play and camps.


Why Aren’t the Tournaments, Leagues or Camps Included? – The Lehigh Valley Natives Lacrosse Club realizes that schedule and financial demands in addition to personal goals and interests lead to a fulfilling and well-rounded life. We encourage players and families to participate in their communities in clubs, sports, arts and academics and understand that a predetermined schedule may not be conducive to each family or player’s needs. The Natives Lacrosse Club targets lacrosse opportunities conducive to our local lacrosse community and offers those events to its members so the members can choose those events that best fit into their lives.


What Events Does The Lehigh Valley Natives Lacrosse Club Target? – The Natives administration targets lacrosse opportunities that best fit the local lacrosse community. This is based on cost, distance and level of play. The more our club grows the more we can target and offer.


Where Do Club Members Come From? – The Lehigh Valley Natives Lacrosse Club is based in Northampton County, PA, however, the sport of lacrosse is an international sport. We offer club membership to anyone interested in playing lacrosse. We offer instruction to players of all ages, levels of playing experience and skill levels.


Does The LV Natives Lacrosse Club Offer an “Elite” Team? – Teams are based on membership and demand for events. We offer instruction and administration to elite players as well intermediate players and we foster the growth of all players. Members are put into groups that best fit their skill set and ability. Tryouts will take place for teams that want to play at a more competitive level, and this is based on membership demands.


Why Choose the Lehigh Valley Natives Lacrosse Club Over My Township or School Program? – The Lehigh Valley Natives encourage Spring play in local league play and will NOT run a competing program in spring to interfere with local teams.  Social interaction and competition are vital to player development in Summer, Fall and Winter.

The Natives Lacrosse Club believes that players benefit from interacting with other players and coaches of varied backgrounds, skill sets, coaching and playing styles. In addition our administration recognizes and believes in the spirit of sportsmanship and competition. We want players that work hard and are willing to earn a spot at the highest level of play in a program. The Lehigh Valley Natives Lacrosse Club is unique in our ability to offer gameplay and coaching for the elite competitive player as well as the novice or recreational player and the club understands the importance of grouping individuals appropriately based on ability, experience and goals to foster individual and team success. School programs and town recreation programs may offer off-season programs to their current players on their rosters in their programs and the Natives Lacrosse Club encourages every player and family to explore all lacrosse options available to them to find an off-season option that best fits their own needs and goals. 


Why the Natives? - Before the walking purchase by William Penn the Lehigh Valley was inhabited by the Lenne Lenape Native Americans. This ancient Algonquin tribe is one of the oldest in the nation and inhabited the Delaware-New Jersey region until they settled in other regions. Their influence can be found in the names of towns and landmarks throughout the region from the Watchung Mountains and reservation to the Delaware herself. Most importantly the youth that will fill the ranks of these teams are natives of the Lehigh Valley and populate the schools and communities here regardless of whether their parents are from the region or relocated to the region.


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