Little League Baseball program located in Danvers MA.

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Website Guide for Managers & Coaches

League Athletics Coaches Guide

The following guide has been provided by League Athletics to help coaches get up an running on our website.

Logging in for the first time

In 2015 changed their website to League Athletics one of the premier local sports systems in the country. All accounts from our old system have been transferred to LA, but you must reset your password using your email address from our old registration system. If the procedure below does not work, please send an email to to update your account with the correct email.

  1. Click the sign in button in the upper right corner 
  2. Click the Forgot Password link 
  3. Enter your email address and click Submit or hit enter
  4. An email will be sent to you from within 5 minutes
  5. Click the reset password link in that email and follow the directions, to reset your password
  6. Once your password has been reset try logging in with your new password

Logging in

  1. Click the Sign In link in the upper right corner of the website
    • On the mobile version of the website the button is called "Log In"
  2. Enter your email address and password and click Sign In

Entering Game Results

In order to enter Game results you must be logged in. If you have a mobile phone you can use the website or the League Athletics App (see below) to enter scores. You can also enter scores from a desktop below are directions for each method

on Mobile Website

  1. From any mobile device, go to
  2. Login
  3. You will see an Admin Page, click on Enter Scores
  4. Find the game you want to update and click Post
  5. Scroll down and enter the score for each team
  6. You can add game Highliges in the Commentary field

on Mobile App for Android or Apple iOS

Before you can use the app you will need to login using the same email and password you setup for the website. If you have problems with the Mobile app email .

  1. Select your team and go to the Results page
    • The results page is under the "•••" more tab
  2. You will see your games listed, click the (Pencil) icon under "vs"
  3. Click on lines for each Team Score and enter the score
  4. Click Submit

on Website using Desktop or Laptop Computer

  1. Make sure you are logged in
  2. Go to your Team page under Teams -> Division -> Team Name
  3. Click the Results Page on the left
  4. Find the game you want to change and click the Edit button under Actions
  5. Enter the score for each team
  6. You can add Game Highlights in the box at the bottom of the page
  7. Click Submit

Sending Team Emails

League Athletics makes it real easy to keep in touch with your entire team througth email and text messaging. Parents are also able to configure their accounts to add additional emails as needed so you don't need to keep track of changes. To send mail follow these simple steps.

on Website using Desktop or Laptop Computer

  1. Go to your Team Page
  2. Click on Roster
  3. Select "Email Team" from the "options" menu on the Team Roster heading
  4. Enter your subject and type your message in the message box
  5. Click Send and that's it 

on Mobile App for Android or Apple iOS

  1. Go to your Team
  2. Click on Roster icon the one with the people
  3. Click the little Email button at the bottom of the screen NOTE: you may need to scroll down or re-click the roster button
  4. Enter your subject and message
  5. Select whether you would like Text messages to go out as well.
  6. Click Send
    • NOTE: sometimes there is a delay if you haveS a bad connection and the app does not respond right away. Don't continue to hit the send button. Once the app catches up it will send multiple copies. I sent 6 copies of an email once by mistake.

Enter Pitch Counts & Stats

League Athletics can keep track of pitch counts and mandatory rest and pitcher availability. Each team has a pitcher report that will show who is available, and you can also see a report based on division.

  1. Go to your team results page
  2. Find the game you want to enter results for and click the button with the graph  
  3. Under Atn column check off the players that attended the game
  4. Under PT enter the total number of pitches thrown (this includes last batter)
  5. Under PC Met column check off if the pitcher finished off their last batter, this will adjust the rest period for the pitcher
    • For example if they were at 33 pitches when they started their last batter and they threw 6 pitches for that batter enter 39 under PT and check off PC Met
    • If the pitcher was at 35 and they pitched one more batter to get out of the inning, even if it was one pitch that puts them at 36, so they are at 2 days rest. Do not check off PC Met as that will count them as 1 day rest.
  6. Feel free to enter any additional stats for pitching and batting. All stats are totaled for the season under the Statistics team page.
  7. Click Submit

Assign Jersey Numbers

  1. Go to your team roster page
  2. Select Assign Jersey Numbers under Roster
  3. On the next screen click Submit to edit the roster
  4. Assign the number to each player on the right.
    • Managers should be 100
    • Asssistant Coaches should be 103 
    • Any other parents should be 105
  5. Click Submit when done

Scheduling Practices & Scrimmages

  1. From your team page select Schedule
  2. Select "+ Add Event" from the "options" menu on the Team Schedule heading
  3. Choose your Date and Time
  4. Select your Field
    • NOTE: the system will not let you schedule an event if one is already taking place at that location
  5. Select Practice or Scrimmage for your Category
  6. Choose your team
  7. If this is a scrimmage choose your opponent
    • NOTE: This will also update your opponents schedule as well
  8. Check off the notification boxes if you want to notify parents
    • NOTE: If you have selected an opponent then notifications will be sent to your opponents team as well.

Field Schedules

Looking for a place to practice? Want to reserve the batting cage? Take a look at the Field Scheduler, it will show you a schedule based on each field, you will see all scheduled games, practices and scrimmages. Find an open slot and schedule a practice. NOTE: the league has the right to override any scheduled event to cover make up games or any other reason.

  1. From the home page select "Fields" on the left hand menu, or choose Resources -> Fields
  2. Locate the field you want to see the schedule for
  3. Under Actions click the List Icon
  4. You will now see a schedule for that Field

Edit/Update your account

  1. Make sure you are logged in
  2. Click the My Account link in the upper right corner
  3. Make sure your conatact information is correct this will be used by both the League and Parents to get in touch with you
    • address
    • home phone
    • work phone
    • cell phone (NOTE: if you would like to receive text message alerts select your Provider)
    • email (you can add multiple emails separated by comma or semicolon)
  4. Check your Privacy settings as well, next to address, phone, and email is a drop down that lets you set how you want your private information used. Select what you feel is appropriate for your family.
    • Private - only coaches and league admins can see information when logged in
    • Roster -  parent on your child's team can see the information when logged in
    • Public - the information will be available to non logged in users (we don't recommend enabling this option)

Team Pages

Every team now has their own individual team pages with roster, schedule, game results and standings. These pages are public so feel free to share them with family and friends so they can follow along through the season. You can access your team under the Teams menu by selecting your division and team name.


You are able to receive email and text message notifications from the league. In order to do so simply make sure that your account has updated email and cell phone with cell provider information. You will then receive emails or texts on schedule changes, field closures, etc. that affect your teams.

NOTE: in order to ensure emails are delivered successfully follow the instructions on this page:

I am not receiving emails from the league

If you are not receiving emails from the league first make sure that you can access your account and your information is correct. If your email has changed and you no longer have access to the email you used to sign up, please send details to  to resolve the issue. If your email is configured correctly then try following the steps on this page to make sure email is getting to your inbox:

Mobile phone access with Android, Apple iOS Apps and mobile website

League Athletics the company that runs our website offers applications for both Android and Apple iOS devices. The apps allow you to manage all your teams, send emails to coaches or other parents on the team, get notifications, manage teams from other leagues that use League Athletics like Danvers Youth Soccer. You can get more details on the apps here: 

Below are links to the apps in Google Play and Apple App Store.

Android app on Google Play

More Features and Updates

Check back to this page for new updates, features and solutions to common problems as they become available.