Ages 5 - 13 boys and girls in North Boulder develop their baseball skills following official Little League rules, T-Ball is available for ages 5 - 7.

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Recommended Equipment

Dear Parents of North Boulder Little League Players,
I'd like to alert you to potential products that may aid in the safety of our children.  These products are not mandated by Little League National of Williamsport, so North Boulder Little League is not mandating them, but you should at least know about them so that you can make your own informed decision whether or not to purchase them for your children.
1. Batting helmets that come with a facemask.   When worn properly, these facemasks prevent the batter from taking a hit to the eyes, nose or mouth from a batted or thrown baseball.  
2. A mouth guard.  Again, not mandated by Williamsport, but some leagues are suggesting them.
3. A "heart guard".  These are often T shirts that have a protective plastic shield which can prevent a child from taking a direct hit to the heart from a batted or thrown ball.
All of these items may be purchased online or at local stores (such as Dick's Sporting Goods). 
All sports have the potential for injury of one type or other.  The safety of your children is our number one priority, the play is secondary.  Your Little League Board has developed many practices over the years that try to ensure safety.  You may elect for your child to use one or more of the items listed above to prevent an injury.   
NBLL Safety Officer