The mission of CC United Soccer Club is to foster, promote, and perpetuate the game of soccer for youth in the communities of Carver, Chanhassen, Chaska, Victoria and surrounding communities.

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Do I have to register prior to evaluations?

Yes, all players must register for the Fall and/or Summer Competitive season before evaluations take place. Click on the orange Register Now button to begin registration. To successfully register, the non-refundable Team Placement Fee must be paid.

IMPORTANT: Even if your child will NOT attend the evaluation, you MUST register for your child to be placed on team. Your registration is the only way the club knows your child intends to play for the season.

When I register for Summer 2020, am I automatically registered for Fall 2019?

No. Registration for the two leagues is separate. If your child intends to play competitive soccer for our club this fall, you must ALSO register your child for the "COMPETITIVE LEAGUE - Fall 2019".

My child is participating in the Fall competitive league ONLY. Should he/she participate in evaluations?

  • U9-U11 Players have a separate evaluations for the Fall Season. All Uu9-U11 players should plan on attending both scheduled sessions.
  • U12 and old teams - If your child is U12 or older and is playing fall season ONLY, they do not need to attend evaluations. If you have played CCU in the past, team placement will be based on past coach evaluations. If you have not played CCU in the past, your player will be placed on a lower level team or on a team in need of players.

Which age group should I register my child?

Players should register for their birth year based on the MYSA Birthyear Chart.

I am not scheduled to attend evaluations, when should I register?

All players wishing to participate in the Summer competitive season, regardless of playing level, need to register prior to July 30.  Completion of the registration identifies a player as an individual to be placed on a team.  Team placement will be based on the player evaluation provided by their coach. 

I did not play on a CC United team this past season, what evaluation should I attend?

Any player from outside of CC United should attend evaluations for their birth year to be evaluated for placement in the club.

Why does CCU offer evaluations for only tops teams for U12 and older?

CC United believes a player's team placement is best based off performance and commitment over an entire season. Because of this, not all players need to attend team placement evaluations. If you do not attend evaluations, team placement is based off of performance in the previous season.

My player is not on a top team but would like to attend the Top Team evaluations, what do I need to do?

Any current player looking to make a topo team will need an invitation to the evaluation from either their team coach or the Director of Coaching.  Invitations will be based on their coach’s evaluation along with the player’s use of the club’s Open Door training.

What is CC United’s Open Door Training program?

CC United’s open door training program allows a CC United player to attend any other team’s training in which they are physically able to compete, provided they contact the coach prior to attending.  To utilize the Open Door training a player must:

  • Maintain current communication/commitment with their current coach
  • Email the coach of the team that they are aspiring to train with and receive approval to attend
  • Attend training

Is the Team Placement fee refundable?

No. The Team Placement fee is non-refundable.

What if my child cannot attend evaluations?

If your child is not able to attend evaluations, you MUST register and pay team placement fee by the deadlines indicated to be considered for a competitive soccer team. There is a spot in the regsitration to indicate the date/s your child will not be attending.