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GDYSC Training Committee Objective:
The mission of GDYSC training committee is to provide training to all of its coaches and players so that all members of GDYSC will be able to teach and learn all aspects of the game of soccer to the best of their ability. We are dedicated to raising the soccer ability of all players and coaches in GDYSC from the most competitive, to the most casual. We're not about the win loss record, but increasing skills to allow players and coaches alike to successfully advance to the next (and next) level while still having fun. Emphasis on Fun for all!

The Basics
Here is some important information for our coaches this season.
For coaches of teams U10 and older:

For coaches of teams U8 and younger:

Coaches Manuals
Please click on a link below to download the appropriate Coaches Manual.
  U6  ·   U8  ·   U10  ·   U12  ·   U14  Word DOC

MYSA License courses
GDYSC pays for these courses, and all coaches are highly encouraged to take them. They make coaching easier and more fun. You don't need prior playing or coaching experience to really enjoy, and get a lot out of, these courses. See the Coaching Course page

Additional Coaching Resources

  • Groton Public library has a soccer section with great books and videos on coaching youth soccer.
  • Massachusetts Youth Soccer has a fantastic resources page.
  • It has practice plans for different ages, goalkeeper activities, other special games & activities, and a resource library.

Check www.gdysc.org for updates on Training information throughout the season. And of course feel free to contact any member of the Training Committee with any questions.