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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: At what age may my son begin participating?
A: Eligibility for any age group is your son's birth year.  Our youngest age group is U6 (4-5 year olds).

Q: If my son trys out for Travel and doesn't make a team, can I be refunded my registration fee?

A: We would hope that your son would still be interested in playing soccer and play for CRC in-house. If you are not interested in CRC in-house, we will refund the registration minus $10.


Q: How long is the season?
A: In house age groups play from the beginning of September until the beginning of November.  Travel age groups start in late July to early August and continue playing until mid-November.
Q: What equipment is needed to participate?
A: All players must wear shin guards.  Players should also have their own ball and something to drink at each practice or game.  Soccer shoes (cleats) are highly recommended but not required.  Rules also forbid hard jewelry of any type. This covers, but is not limited to: necklaces,  rings, armbands, and watches.

Q: What size ball should my child be using?
A: U6 uses size #3; U8, U9, U10, U11 and U12 all use size #4; U13 and U14 Travel uses a size #5 ball.

Q: When will I hear about team rosters, practice dates and times?
A: For in-house age groups, due to the typical large number of late registrations, you will hear from coaches toward the end of August. In-house schedules should be released in early September. For travel players, evaluations take place in late May and early June. Evaluation dates will be posted once they are finalized and should be listed on this website by early-May. After the evaluations, it will take a week or so to finalize travel teams and get word out to the participants.

Q: What equipment is provided by the program?
A: All in-house age groups receive a uniform which consists of shirt; shorts and socks.  Players keep this equipment at the end of the season.  Travel participants receive a uniform consisting of a shirt, shorts, and socks, but additional fees apply for travel participants.

Q: Where will practices/games take place?
A: All in-house sessions take place at Cockeysville Middle School located at 10401 Greenside Drive, Cockeysville, MD 21030.


Q: What days does my son have soccer?
A: In-house:  Practices days are split up between teams and age groups Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with games on Saturday morning.
Travel: Travel teams usually practice two weeknights and play games on Saturday afternoons.  Some travel teams may opt to enter a second league and therefore will also have games on Sundays.


Q: What time does soccer begin and how long is each session?
A: In-house sessions are between 60-75 minutes duration. The season starts with weekday sessions beginning at 6:00pm.  As we move into fall, the start time will gradually move up so that weekday sessions begin by 5:45pm (early October) and 5:30pm for the last 2-3 weeks.  Saturday morning games start between 9:00am and 11:30am with younger age groups starting at the earlier times.


Q: Is there any other advice for parents and players?
A: All parents, coaches and participants should be mindful of the parental code of conduct signed at registration and the general rules of fair sportsmanship. As players (and their parents) climb the ladder of competitive soccer, please be sure to keep ambitions in line with spirit of the game.


Q: What's the difference between Travel and In-house?
A: Travel teams are chosen based on player's ability whereas in-house teams are more balanced, so that there is team parity in a given league. Travel players will be paired with other similarly talented players and play against comparable travel teams. Travel is generally geared towards more competitive play, although there are travel teams at all levels and we attempt to place travel teams in appropriately competitive leagues. Travel teams play half their games AWAY, meaning we travel to other fields, usually 15-30 minutes either side of the Beltway (I-695). Travel teams play games only on weekends and may participate in one or more tournaments each season.  In-house games take place on Saturday mornings.  Additional fees apply for travel participants. 

Q: What time does soccer begin and how long is each session?
A: Travel team weekday practices last about 90 minutes and begin at 6:00pm early in the season.  As we move into the season, session start times will adjust commensurate with In-house. Weekend practices or scrimmages may be scheduled at the coaches' discretion, however games are scheduling by the leagues we play in.  CMSA (Central MD Soccer Association) games generally start between noon and 4:00pm.