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We’re very pleased to announce the creation of the Winter Garden Social League!  Many of you have participated in the Sunday, Monday or Tuesday night skates through the years.  While we’ve really enjoyed the casual nature of these events, we’re looking to step up our game by giving things more structure to build a consistent and enjoyable place for you to play.  We’re looking for an evenly balanced B to C level skate.  A level players should not register.

Here’s the concept….  Pick up skates are fun but turn out can be too big or too small and balancing the sides is always a challenge.  League play at other rinks can be over-competitive and the social aspect is usually confined to your team’s locker room.  With the Winter Garden Social League, we’re looking to bring the best of both worlds together to create a community of like-minded players that enjoy playing together, socializing together and are looking for a consistent, safe and fun place to play.  

This will be a league made up of four teams.  There will be fall, winter and spring seasons consisting of 10 weeks of regular season games plus playoffs.  Teams will play once per week on either Monday or Tuesday night at 9:50pm.  The full schedule will be released before game 1.  Each team is permitted to roster 15 full time players, 5 substitute players and 2 goalies.  Players must pay their league fee of $230 per 10 week session prior to their first game.  No charge for goalies!  Subs are required to pay a $30 per game fee before the game.  The referee will collect sub fees.  All players must sign in upon entering the rink.  

Games will consist of three twenty minute running time periods.  All games will have a single referee. All penalties will result in a penalty shot awarded and no actual penalty box time.  This is to provide a strong motivation for a clean game.  Dangerous play, unsportsmanlike conduct and fighting WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!  Coincidental contact and accidental infractions are part of the game but any violations deemed to be deliberate will result in immediate ejection.  Three ejections in a season will result in expulsion from the league for the current and following two years.  All calls are at the complete and total discretion of the referee.  Arguing with or yelling at the referee will result in a quick warning and if continued, immediate ejection.  Grievances should be communicated to team captains and team captains are permitted to discuss issues with the referee in a calm tone between periods.

We expect the league to fill up fast so reserve your spot now by completing the attached registration form.  

Questions?   Contact Ralph Webdale  (203)994-8788